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  1. ehar


    May I know the contact no of Mr.Kenneth from ideal house too?

    I am looking for an id to renovate my house.



  2. can i have the name & contact of ur ID? Responsible one?

  3. My Aircon was on for the 3 rooms every night.... we did the regular servicing by the company and I clean the filter regularly too...mine was the inverter model...btw... the aircon was faulty after my girl on it for the whole day for her room... not sure was it because of that... I bought the MHI... but when the men came to install on Friday... there was a big problem... because there is a built in cupboard below the window... they need to remove the cupboard in order to remove and install the bracket of the compressor ... and the cupboard cannot install back after that.... I dont want to remove the cupboard ... so I have no choice for just replace the aircon to Starmax... no change of bracket and piping...
  4. My Mitsubshi Electric Starmex System 3 aircon spoiled few days ago... just suddenly gave way in the middle of the night... today the service personnel came and said that 3 pcb faulty and the fan motor also faulty... he said as good as changing the whole compressor....only used it for 3 years... the company had yet to tell me the repair cost but said the cost will be very high... was thinking to change the aircon to Mitsubishi Heay Industries system ....
  5. Wow... so long never come in.... and good that the topic is still active.... recently get Ideal House to redo my mum common toilet floor again... but K was too busy for that... so Bernard Tan was taking care of it.. the same good job that they did.... no complaint form my mum....actally my mum a little thing also will complaint... but surprised that she said nothing... even I find that the floor tiles colour not that suitable .... but that is her house and she accepted it... so be it...
  6. Dear all from RT.... It was such a longggg time that I never enter into RT forum... hope that all are fine... Wanted to read all the post... but unable to do so... don't know why... only manage to recongise cheesecake as the rest are new to me... Just a little update on my dealing with Ideal house recently... my window got stuck... couldn't open ... and I called Mr K... and he still remember me... so he got the window contractor to solve the problem without charging any single cents...
  7. For me... the schedule is followed.... but one thing to take note... most of the workers are from Malaysia... they need to go back to home town for CNY... they stop work ?? days before the CNY... U need to check with K... if he says the handover can be done before CNY... Then shouldn't be any problem...
  8. PM U lor... I think their phone number never change... because those that ask for it...never come back to me again.. when they was in the 3rd level is a shop by itself that quite easy to find... now at 2nd level is at an isolated place.. some more share with others.. very difficult to find...
  9. I did the inspection the day before the 2nd appointment... after the inspection the seller handed over one set of keys to us... we use our lock to lock up the gate...
  10. Someone Posted a topic on "Why some tours are optional " on The Straits Times (Life!Mailbag) 15/09/2007 to complaint on the same company too...
  11. But hor.... as mention before... all companies have different groups of workers... who know which group will be doing our house... according to K... all projects handled by him no worry... he will ensure the workers do the house nice nice..
  12. Ya... totally agree.... as one of the member said that what we want is just to complete the house smoothly and shift in with no problem... whether there is free gift or not that's not important... Glad that my house is handle by k... Is it ?? I don't mind if the ID bring people to view my house during reno.. but I won't allow after shift in lor... anyway... K had never request to bring anyone to view my house lor...
  13. Hi.. my house is done by Mr K too... I should claim that I am the 1st one here to get him as an ID... I shifted in for 1.5 years already ... so far so good... not much issue .... As for your questions... Is there any 'hidden cost' on the basic packages??? There's whole list of itmes from wet work, to kitchen, to plumbing, etc. Is there any things i should look out for? - I should say that there is no hidden cost... everything is written in black & white... Any problem cancelling items that's isted in the contract and reduce the total $$$ (after signing)? I will suggest those items that U are not sure whether U want to do... put it as optional... that was what I did... U can lock the price and make the decision later... Will the $$$ keeps adding up during the reno process? of course if U add items along the way.... U have to pay lor... Is the laminate design outdated??? Is there plenty to choose from? I choose the laminate from the booklet... if U are asking about the brand... I am not sure how many type... but if U are asking about the pattern/colours... I should say there are plenty... To be frank... I quite envy Cheesecake... I don't really have so much free things from Mr K hor... of course there were some small items I got it free too...