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  1. flo

    Cheating Woes

    he just says he wont answer her calls. he says he wll treats me even nicer. he wont change job/hp no. its veryt impt to him/work. he doesnt like it. he said he got no life like that. how do you know? cos thats exactly what i am feeling now. I think i am going crazy.
  2. flo

    Cheating Woes

    I want to thank you guys including those who pm me for your comforting and encouraging words. I greatly appreciate it. I am trying my best not to think about it thou sometimes i recalled of them together in bed makes me sick! My heart really pain. How I wish it never happened.
  3. flo

    Cheating Woes

    Thank you all for your concern. Finally I cried and cried whenever I think about it. During these few days, we talked about it and I asked him why. He said he did it for fun and he didnt think of the consequences. He also said he is sorry and beg me to give him a chance. I really couldnt believe it that he cheated on me even till now. How could he do such thing to me?! I trusted him so much. Right now, althou we are continuing our marriage life, I still just cant forget those images that I saw.
  4. I just found out that he had an affair with another woman. And we had been married for 8 years! I never thought he would do such thing. I trusted him totally. My friends kept calling me to make sure i am ok cos i have not breakdown. yet. I really dunno what to do. Should i stay or just leave? The first thing came to my mind is i will divorce him but after a few talks with my friends they wanted me to give him one more chance. My heart is broken whenever i think about those images. Why did he do it? why? i kept thinking. Didnt we have a good communication in our relationship?
  5. Mummylee, can i have your contractor details? Finding a good contractor is like finding a needle in a haystack.