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  1. i'm not environmentally friendly, but in my opinion, natural stuff will always be better than man-made stuff... you never know what were added to the "man-made" stuff despite all the claims... natural is good... though I don't mean to say man-made stuff is definitely bad (really depends on the circumstances, and more importantly, wallet size)
  2. what to do... OPC & WRX don't mix! but at least with TS it kill my desire to step on the pedal!
  3. but you still have to bear with me being MIA most of the time !! don't worry about your FC, it will improve over time, you are still running in, during this period it is normal for the high FC as your engine is still not efficient yet... the on board computer are probably still learning your driving habit/style... for me, the first tank only get 8km/l, second tank 8.6km/l after car service (and drive more h/way) can get up to 11.8km/l but average everything out still about 9.1km/l as for driving license... i can only say... a lot of pple are certified (license holder), but not many are qualified !!
  4. you cannot pre-heat gas heater... the heating will start when water flows... yes... it is the free one from Citigas I only know there are larger capacity gas heater, but according to Citigas, larger capacity tank are not approved for HDB usage, so far only condos and landed property are using larger tank. The free one from Citigas is only flowing 5litre/min, and the only way for the water to get heated is when you let the water flow, so the only way to 'preheat' is turning on the tap - a bit wasteful right? We have adapted to it after a while... since we don't really have much option to retro fit a storage heater at the service yard (don't want to install the storage heater in the toilet ) Personally, if given a choice, I will install both storage & gas heater together using the same set of pipes. This way, you get the best of both world
  5. becoz that event & that patch of grass belongs to their RC
  6. all the stalkers.... dangerous...
  7. Oh! Do you mean the trunking is for the other 2 units? !! so not for MBR wan
  8. just curious why your MBR aircon still need to lay trunking when they could just punch a hole at the wall and straight to the aircon ledge? i also didn't do toilet, but after they took down the water pipes, or HDB changing toilet/basin.. still no water to use ley actually it is heng suay... we wanted the corner unit facing the 'park' not the car-park.. but when we book all sold out... the next round HDB open up again, such a unit on the 15th floor mysteriously appear!!! we would have gotten that!!!!
  9. hehe... yah yah.. i'm zeny close neighbour too so that should make us neighbours too when you supervise your home reno feel tired, want to wash feet, hand, use toilet.. come look for me come with free cool drinks too (limited choice hor)
  10. u haven't come before doesn't mean other pple haben mah !!
  11. don't know what's going on with these reno contractor.. stay at home whole Monday morning and I can only say the renovation 'sound' is horribly much louder during Sat compared to Monday! Why can't they just do the loud work on weekdays
  12. luckily or unluckily... yes... all tiles (kitchen/toilets) were replaced, all sanitary fittings (toilet bowls, basin, taps) was also replaced by HDB... in fact if you comprain to them, likelihood they will replace all for you... but you have to bear with them as it take up to a month to have all these replaced
  13. look so much like 202A! coz 202B can see road and the view of the opposite blk is diff too! so which floor are you at?