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  1. anyone heard of this.. Evopure water filter system free unit, it is alkaline too http://evopuresingapore.com free unit.... come with 4 time replacement filter which cost 1.5K
  2. actually i saw this at Taka. http://www.panasonic.hk/ha/english/feature_740.aspx Pansonic Induction Stove made in japan. using 13A... PDF http://www.panasonic.hk/ha/upload_img/27_d...eng_file_01.pdf
  3. how is this product.. http://cgi.ebay.com.sg/Hexagon-6-filter-Wa...=item2eab437da9
  4. I found these are the several model.. http://kdk.jp/product_show_all.aspx?id=12 i fill up the KDK website contact us.. someone from Capital email me back on the Ventilation Fan Thanks for your support to KDK product. Kindly refer the following for your information. KDK Window-Mount Ventilation Fan (Recommended for Kitchen) - Model: 20WHA - Diameter: 200mm - Cord-operated shutter - Noise level: 41.5dB(A) - Capacity: 440CMH - Price: $190.46 * Price quoted above is To Supply only and GST inclusive. * Installation Charge estimated $200-220 with all accessories. Do feel free to contact us should you be any clarification. Warmest Regards, SOLE DISTRIBUTOR: Capital Distributors (S) Pte Ltd
  5. i am thinking to install in my kitchen. can? anyone done it? have pics?
  6. woh.. no need liao.. i have already moved in and kitchen already done since last year... anyway.. thank for reply.
  7. Hi, Can post picture of your PD Door.. and how much it cost.. i want to replace my common toilet door? stupid hdb give the normal wooden not even bi-fold wooden
  8. i am told the cheapest Miele still very good.. and durable. u can post in SB forum and ask.... more Miele user there...
  9. i saw the Miele honeycomb washing machine and Miele honeycomb condenser dryer. both 6kg. promo package at Plaza Singapore Best Denki at $3888 Miele also sell in CK Tang.. Miele are made in Germany.. if u compare like with Bosch made in germany model, the price still ok. Miele W562 Prestige Plus is not using honeycomb drum. Miele honeycomb drum is patent by Miele and it is say to be better than the rest. Even Bosch n Electrolux try to do something similar like honeycomb still can't beat. For me i prefer topload using drum.. so i get Thomson Topload u can check this thread http://www.singaporebrides.com/cgi-bin/for...ow.cgi?409/1982
  10. cos Fanco is cheap.. come with light and remote controller... Crester with ligh kit and remote cost more... i have 2 Crester with light kit and remote in living room and dining area. i have 3 Fanco Amara 56" in 3 bedroom.
  11. all depend on lucky or not.... to get a good set or bad set.
  12. this price is cheap... i using this now.. everynight i on low speed only... i have 3 x Fanco Aroma 54" mine is $330 with installation.. be sure ask them to change the bulb to 20W phillip brand.... and not Fanco brand 20W...
  13. i am interested to know too...