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  1. Hi... I was reading through your Reno Blog and found out that you got your sofa set for Univonna... Do you mind sharing with me the estimated cost and the quality of it? I am replacing my 8 yrs old sofa, so I m looking ard.. By the way, I like e design of your new Plc, it looks really Gd! Many Thks in advance!
  2. Hi... Can anyone advise me wat door to change to for better sound proof? My current door are classic one(i guess so) n it seems to b quite hollow... Was wondering wat door to change to? N does solid ones reali block out the sound better? Or which type to opt for for the best sound proof effect? My TV is at least 6m away frm my bedroom, but somehw i can hear the tv clearly... I suppose its due to the poor quality of the door?? Thks for any advise in advance
  3. Hi... Does anyone knows roughly hw much isit to change all the runners of the kitchen cabinet to the soft closing type? Mine has 2 soft closing ones n abt 6 normal ones... Thinking of changing all to soft closing ones as my mum keep slamming the doors as she keeps saying that she cant rem which is n which is not... Haiz
  4. Hi frederick_chia, Can update us the effectiveness of the heat reduction after installation? Thks alot in advance
  5. Can anyone tell me where to get the above? Thks
  6. Hi Keltong, Can i know wat brand of ceiling fan did u pick for the bedroom? N wats the size that u pick?
  7. Hi... Wat do u guys think abt this model LA40M81BDX? Is it worth getting? N what is the built-in digital TV tuner for? Does it offer better resolution when watching SCV programs? Any comments wil b welcomed
  8. Thk you guys for all the recommendation... I wil drop by to take a look
  9. Hi... Can anyone tell me where r the places that i can go to where there r alot of ceiling fans on display? I m concerned with both the performance n aesthetic purposes Btw my id recommended me kdk, but i m stil undecided bet crestar n kdk Any advise or recommendations?
  10. Hi... Based on r experience, do we normally get a better deal when we go on the 1st or the last day? Or does it not make a difference at all?
  11. Hi... Its poss to change the sink n toilet bowl without hacking the floor n wall tiles, but i was told by my ID that there might b a few holes on the wall itself... Hope it helps
  12. Hi Yang Guo, I am also thinking of using white for both the top n bottom kitchen cabinets to match with a black countertop... The only concern is maintainence... Do u all often cook? I was thinking if its reali tedious to maintain, i might change my mind n pick something else Or hw abt black cabinet with white countertop? Wil it b easier to maintain? Me n my hubby r the lazy type btw
  13. Hi Max383... Is the $66 one that u saw at OG also from Brabantia? Awae thk you so much for sharing with us the places to get the bins at a discounted price