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  1. I think the delay in instalation date comes down to the hot weather these few weeks (But these few days raining), and everyone want to install their aircons... Funny as it may sound, but its the aircon business season. Best for those who wanna buy is to ask when is the earliest date to install, and then set a date in advance. Once u wait till ur ID tell u that they can come n install, u shld be looking at 1 and half weeks queue. So these things have to be pre-empt. In a way, they are also no miracle workers where u ask them come, they will be there in 3 days.... If u gg to have ur 1st installation soon, MAKE SURE u set the 2nd appt date on the spot so u wont have to wait too long. For me, the installation work was gd and the worker was v frenly n advise was v helpful. For my hse, i have to run alot of casement due to the beams!!! But he told me there is another method but it will cost alot, cuz i have to lower the hieght of my doors and use some carpentry to hide the trunking... He say he wont advise cuz it cost alot of $ to do it, but some ppl dun want to see trunking. For me, i also dun like to see the trunking, but too bad, if u want aircon in our hdb design hor, somehow u will see the trunking run around the bedroom. Mine hse the room layouts and beam placement meant that i get to see alot of trunking, wat to do?
  2. sorry, was busy the last week. If u all want the actual quote, u can pm me to see a breakdown... But pls include ur email address too haha. Some items are priced ok, some are cheaper, and some are slightly higher. But overall, i didnt bargain as im confortable with wats charged overall lah, and i think his service is worth paying for (N also thinking of after sales service too). Ppl also need to make some money, so i didnt wanna squeeze him dry, need to support his business too n the economy haha, esp the state its in now . Just hope the workmanship will be gd... They are situated in beauty world, at a funny corner.
  3. In the end onli spend 22k. Includes living room tiles Cement screed n mosiac for the kitchen parquet for 3 bedroom PArtition for MBR walk in waldrobe Kitchen Cabinet (Only bottom, no top) Wallpaper for a big area 16ft feature wall n tv console (Main bulk of expensive cost) Stainless Steel pipes Electric works Sliding door for kitchen ($900 cuz the walkway pretty big, the nicer ones are $1400 which i cant accept paying for keeping the aircon for flowing into the kitchen) Btw, he actually went to look harder for a cheaper alternative n still look nice Just started work for a few days, when he actually said start next week... N i have yet to pay him the deposit yet, but plan to over weekend b4 he starts... No harm just asking for a quote, at least u can compare with others. Marc is v helpful, gd designs n yet practical... ie, some of the switch in kitchen i wanna relocate due to looks, but he brought up the safty issues which i totally didnt think abt.
  4. How big are the defects? If they are really jialat then u gotta let ur ID noe, n work it out. But most gd IDs will do settle swee swee for all the small nitty gritty defects one, even few mths later u call him, he will still provide the service back to u. Why, cuz of referal business as well... If play hardball to much, after hand over liao, u wanna ask him for help also v hard.
  5. wah 80k ah! I think he trying to cover his cost of the exhibition in 2 deals!! U shld ask him can recommend which shop at IMM??? Since he so proud, u shld ask him if 1500sq feet is too small for him or not... ATAS man
  6. Definitely there will be some price adjustments one, mainly from electric wiring and running of wires. But also depends on ur ID, if he wanna chop u or not. For mine, we had a tok on wat works on the quotation is fixed, and wats needs to depend based on actual work that day. HOWEVER, make ur ID quote u on the max, meaning lets say u gotta do this job, ask him based on ur floor plan n the "worse case", wat will be the price... SO at least u got an understanding that counting on a higher side, the price also wont be more than this, and if cheaper then u get a refund. N in this case, if the price is too high for u, then u can think of alternative ways to do it, or if u still wanna do it. For me, im glad i have an ID who wants to help me make $, of course i dont bargain from him too. Some things even tho more ex, i still give him the business, cuz there are some that he charge cheaper still. So. when u get ur quote, ask wat r the thing that will potentially need cash top up.
  7. Finally, i went to settle my aircon purchase today from All Best. Paid 3488nett for toshiba system 4 aircon, free upgrade to 1/2 inch insulator. 1 yr warranty parts, 5 yrs for installation and condenser. 2 trip installation and $160 service voucher. Also price guaranteed till installation. I think its a very gd price compared to the other brands like mitsunishi starmex which is has a lower powered condenser for me. I need a 22kbtu for living room thats why. Copper prices gg up doesnt justify price of aircon gg up so much... Dun be fooled I was told that class 0 or class 1 does not mean better insulation from the other but its more abt rating the insulation's inability to burn... So it doesnt mean class 0 is better than 1 in the insulation dept but more of in the case of fire... Can anyone vouch?
  8. Cost of commodities are raising, but it has always been raising. Along the way, i feel that companies must not always transfer the cost to consumers, and also should except that its part of raising business cost. Eventually, housing mkt in spore will come to a standstill soon, n they will not have many jobs left to reno. So by keeping the prices gg up also may not be a gd deal for them. However, so far i have not heard of many ID firms pushing prices up. The ones that will cost alot are many the metals i.e. SS or copper piping.
  9. weiht

    Slack Pad

    I think its pretty tough cuz there are some tiles alr broken (But not my fault right???), and some boxes alr opened. Really upset abt it, cuz in the end i will still spend money to overlay the toilets, and i could have saved up pretty much ALOT of $ if the boss have agreed earlier. I mean i have asked at least 5-6 times over the last 1 and half weeks, and kept telling me cant lah, its HDB ruling blah blah blah. Today say, in that case u go see my supplier, but the joy was short-lived. N i didnt just ask briefly leh, i asked n pushed n pyschoed him... My plan was to spray epoxy over the kitchen and 2x toilet walls, and overlay the floor, and it cost $1350 for it all. But having HDB hack n relay the tiles, i could have used the $1350 to upgrade the tiles n choose nicer design man, and i think maybe still have change considering i just top up the difference in the cost of tiles with HDB budget... Im hoping for a miracle LOL, altho the tiles are not bad looking (Nicer than the sample), but if i can have it my way then why not??? Things can only get better !!
  10. weiht

    Slack Pad

    hacking is completed, and i have already chose the tiles from the hdb contractor. Today, i called the boss again to ask if i can choose nicer tile and top up, and he said can. I asked him a few times b4 and he always said no can do, however now he say can. So i called his foreman up to say dun lay yet, but was told the tiles alr delivered and no choice alr. Im like pissed with the boss now, cuz i asked him so many times and now he suddenly say OK. Now even if he say ok also no use alr, since tiles are ordered n delivered liao.
  11. yeah sama, once it gets too technical, i will stop reading. Not cuz it wont interest me, but cuz it means more poison, more upgrades, n more $ to spend!!!! But im hoping to own a nice tube amp some day. Im more into HT tho, music wise, i listen mostly while driving or on my laptop while working or surfing net. So gd thing is i wont be going down the audio path anytime soon, cuz if my setup up so gd also no use, since most of my tracks are MP3 haha. Guy's toys can be really expensive, we may hate shopping but once we shop its like spending the yr shopping budget LOL
  12. They just finished hacking the tiles. Hope they can get it done up really soon so my ID can start work. But heard its gg to take 2 weeks to lay tiles for kitchen n 2 toilets. I heard that there r some problems with the 60gb ps3, hmmm better go do some read up first LOL. U also into HT or audio?
  13. Yeah mine is in the west, the 2 toilet had cracked tiles too, so they have to redo it., the toilet doors also stained so i guess they will change. Bowls n sink im not sure if they will change, but i will make a request to, cuz not matching at all (toilet will be peach colour n bowls blue???). R u asking for the 60gb PS3 in XP???
  14. hi jon_g9, my kitchen n both toilets are also hacked n redone by HDB. I too had to choose from 4 sets of colour (Blue red peach n grey), and we were like pretty sian with it. We asked if we can top up n get nicer tiles outside, but the contractor dun want to. IN the end, we asked if they had just white tiles and they said yes to our relief. So its white for our kitchen, and peach for our toilets, but just 1 tone of peach without the ugly border n all (Not sure if shld have taken white as well). Now need to ask HDB to replace the toilet bowl n sink to match the walls.
  15. so u saw kflex? U shld go over to allbest just 2 shop down n ask to see their insulator. I was shocked to have seen how easy the kflex can be torn n allbest's insulator is solid and class 0. Must See for urself