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  1. hi,

    I understand from renotalk that you had your home reno done up by Home Guide. How do you find their service and workmanship?

    You many also email me at andrew.teoh.ts@gmail.com if you wish to.

    I hope this mail does not come too late to you!

    Thank you!!


    Andrew (Grandreno)

  2. HI, I think some things u need to compare... First of all he SAYS that his material is better and that is mre exp... but in actual fact we are no the experts so we dont really knw if he uses so call goo materials. n I can see a lot of tailor made cabinets in ur quote.. do they offer waranty for those? Some have........
  3. can cut the price? usually need to slash one dah...... they quote me 28k then i slash till 25k. maybe should try 23k.. haiz.. how much they quoting u for everythg?
  4. halo, mine they quote me 1.4k for 1109sqft house, but i think cannot see individual items one, coz some cheap some exp..... they manage to finish mine within 1 month.
  5. Halo, maybe u should see my post on the pics of my house. . . . I think last time I complained n they waived all the extra charges, it is because the designer never check properly thats y got this.problem The designer i engage is very new no experience. But I think the boss is ok.. they willingly to take responsibility, better than many companies that run away after renovation is completed. i think can consider... because no comapny is 100% good... this is i would say not so bad afterall... See my posting on 18 May
  6. Surprisingly, the management of my condo tells me that I am not the only one having the compressor problem. There are a few other block that have go tthe same problem. Yes, I am very angry with the fact that they need to take up to 5 working days to come down n repair.. . Does that mean that once we purchase the aircon then they can take their own sweet time to repair ? Its not correct with that kind of attitude, especially for a big company that says " Mitsubishi is the Best" everyday after the news! wackoyacky, I will go back n check, get back to u ASAP
  7. Hi all, just want to share my story with u. . . I have just shifted into a condo with mitsubishi air-con installed. However, the compressor gets burnt out after just 1 month of usage! I did not overworked the aircon, its maintained at 28 degrees everynight and off at 6am in the morning. . So we called up and then they say, we will need to wait for one week before they can come and service, because they have tight schedule! Is it always the case or just i sway? Do know wat to say abt them???? Haiz Maybe for those of u who want to purchase aircons better check before hand if they have good service..... Regards Imidazole
  8. halo.. I engage home guide design...... heres the final look of my house My TV console My dinning table n crystal chandlier Overall view My fan n false celling
  9. Oh .. ok... got it. Heres the other side table heres the dinning table n chairs and this is my coffee table... everythg for 5.5k maybe this is clearer?
  10. Hi, how to attach pictures? pictures ready but dont knw how to insert in.... some one can help??
  11. Hi all.... I have my house done up with homeguide design.......... I tihnk they are not fantastically extrordinary but they are the responsible type. I was so worried when i hear many stories going around .... But i guess it is really own experience...... In fact many problems popped out in the middle of the renovation... like addition of extra $$ which i think is not reasonable.... mirror not the right colour...bed position not correct....etc... I believe it is usual that these kind pf problems popped out in the midst of renovation..... One good point is that home guide is very responsible and willing to make up for the mistakes they make.....Of course some people might say its no use trying to compensate later.... but many a times many of them got it wrong and never took the effort to compensate. Who can gurantee everythg goes smoothly throughtout?? Even my sofa fail to deliver on time........ In my own view.... Home guide design is a good ID firm. Workmanship is good also.... Charges reasonablely..... most importantly.... On time. My advice to all out there is not to do things last min , try and have more time allowance so that evryone has enough time to deal with somethg that crop up last min...... Will try to post pictures up ASAP for all to see the workmanship..still moving house.......
  12. Hi guys... Just want to share a recent encounter with all those out there. .... I have purchase a very expensive high quality leather sofa in march. Its a 3-seater designer piece that cost ard 3k plus I paid half the price... and I wanted them to deliver on early may......which is already two months from order time..... Now they are telling me shippment not arrived yet......Feeling quite fustrated . Fengshui master says I must move in on 2nd May.... and then now the sofa is not ready!! I went to their shop 3 times before i make the purchase confirming many times abt date and choice of colors.........and now feel like a fool.... can we do somethg about it?? Can I complain to any authority? Since they put down early may... but will reach me in mid may..... They did give me a so call "loan" sofa.. which is terribly out of the place!! I rather not have it....... Just an advice on people who want to buy sofa...... I bought mine from : Mxdus Nxturx from Park mall..........Maybe I am just unlucky..... Y me???!!!!!
  13. Hi friends, My house is under renovation now and gg to hand over in two weeks time.. may i know wat are the details tat i need to look out for during that time??
  14. hi, the additon charges for the electrical and SCV points should be included in the contract in the very first place and not in the middle of renovation telling me that i must add these items ! Am i right? It doesnt make any sense I double check and I double ask the ID.... she say all included .. even the boss came out and talk to us saying that all electrical stuff are included....... Then later want to add somemore.... not fair right???? But in the end they waive all the extra charges because it was their fault that they did not see the scv point need to be pulled out ..... and many others... Mine is a condo at TPY
  15. HI all, wah.. the epxeriences post up is like many times worst than mine.. At least my ID bring me to the light shop with all prices tag.... Its call LICHT STUDIO... i think they are v helpful staff.... but price a bit exp... all light cost me ard 2.3k..... I think still ok for the price.. not overwhelmingly expensive... Actually my ID w nice but i think she a bit blur sometimes... must remind her wat i want a few times.. but she is quite honest kind that wont get us to buy thgs unnecessarily. She told me the latest my house reno will complete by 5th of may.. i think they are within schedule .... now lights up already.... as for furniture... we get our own.. did not ask the ID to recommend, coz a lot of thgs is fengshui stuff.... I hope the carpentry work will be good...... Oh, when i went down to the ID firm, the director or manager came n talk to us about the price and we also confirm with him that the price under contract will include all electric installation works.. that is y when we need to add more $$ for extra electric works we felt not fair... but luckily the ID company were understanding enugh to waive the charges.... although some of the thgs are more like u wont knw beforehand until u dismantle this and that.. but i feel that charges like tat shouldnt be paid by us.. wat do we knw?? we are not professionals... u are... and i think if u fail to see the prob it cannot be our fault....hahaha based on that they agree too... so all extras waive!! hope thgs will turn out better for those still stuck in the middle of renovation. maybe can consider the possibility of getting a contractor to continue the job and terminate the real bad one... but not sure whether can get $$ back half way through or not...