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  1. anyway, glad tt our reno is finally over and so is our actual day wedding finally sigh of relief! oh ya, for those who are still in e process, jia you!
  2. ha ha ha, smartie is being practical hmm, our white sofa, dining chairs etc not easy to maintain esp in the long term ......... it will be a challenge.
  3. pridilaw n i are back! pics of our room : original kitchen but with new stainless backing & table top :
  4. thanks all for your well wishes again! everything went well fortunately for our wedding we are at changi airport. update pics after our honeymoon yah.
  5. outdoor wooden chairs and table (havent put outside yet) sunroof sharp tv and my fav jamo speakers! sharp fridge & sharp oven
  6. more pics in the meanwhile : sofa from navinzi coffee table from S&C put together outdoor wooden tiles from wihardja hmm, we dun haf time to paint to the colour we wanted yet and lacquer it! our self made dog kennel! (for the fun of doing some simple carpentry work but too much work liao so prob wont do it in the future)
  7. hmm, updates on our part.......... our official ho was finalised on sat, 26 July 09 after all with minor rectifications. we are happy to be able to shift in our stuffs finally:p now, we are busy with the making of the dog kennel and final preparations of our wedding this coming sunday! okie, we will update the photos if we are able to squeeze in some time.
  8. hmm, u also quite siak lat yourself. been reading your blog about your plight too.
  9. friday came and went................... ho date cannot be fulfilled again! we are getting married on 2 aug, our original ho date supposed to be by 30 June 2009. it almost another month after our original date........... what's wrong with the project mgt ability of alan???? to delay by another month???? it's definitely above my threshold limit liao i had enough of listening to excuses to delay a few days, followed by another few days and followed by another few days............. no more excuses, period. alan k forget about collecting any further payment if he dun meet my dateline.
  10. thanks, this time round the tv console's wood is also much thicker than the previous time!
  11. hmm, they changed a few stuffs on the wardrobe for my wife
  12. wardrobe roof with a hole! (to allow light to come in)
  13. more pics on the carpentry : shoe cabinet tv console cum storage area
  14. halo, thanks for the invitation! sure, we will coming over
  15. oh, the first picture is the tv console before they put it up. ya, we set this friday as ho date, hopefully no more further delay