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  1. 2007..sembcorp marine gave out the most...with 9.5..followed by ST marine..8.8... !!
  2. which industry r u in... long time nv do liao lor~~ haha housing agent where got bonus one?
  3. marine & offshore engineering next week lor~~ 1 job enough to keep me busy liao!!
  4. any budget?? if not, i'd recommend my PG to u~
  5. serta mattresses are usually abt 14"-16" thick.. not all bedsheets from Aussino can be used. Only a couple of collections are suitable~ Jean perry is another brand you may wish to consider. Of course, before u buy..check with the retail assistant 1st..~
  6. why never consider Hitachi lcd panels? IPS technology goot ma..
  7. get composite cables roh...must buy monster one summore..
  8. alright la.....nid the bonus to settle my wife's outstanding uni tuition loan..den gotta save all over again~ and i'm doing my naval architecture degree soon...marnee marnee marnee where art thou..
  9. hehe...age's a very sensitive issue to most gals isnt it.. for my case, both of us are 25~ i'm with marine industry..my wife's with a financial institution..no fixed income coz doing sales
  10. juz being curious...can disclose ur age grp? 25-30? 30-35?