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  1. There is one company i shant name expect delays Expect unreasaonably long schedules expect corner cutting expect poor cheapie kind of ideas expect sloppy attitudes the bombshell comes when you inspect the misshappened screws, the cheap finishing, the irregular features walls , the dirty palster ceilings, the ............arrrgh.not cheapp too
  2. Has anybody had any previous experiences with this firm that you would care to share about? Most grateful!
  3. TYM Thats how my ceiling looked when they handed it back to me with all other renov properly done : had to paint the ceiling n messed everything up with paint!
  4. hi Was done as a package deal hence no quote of psf and expected everything to be handed back neatly Tempted to post pics
  5. Try Specs Decor: No fuss and did my roller blinds at good price!
  6. Advice is needed please !! I have had my false ceiling installed in my living and bedrooms. The contractor then declared it complete but the entire false ceiling was in a mess, no repainting or white wash, so all the muddy, dirty stains, drawing lines are still visible Is this the standard of a false ceiling? I thought it should be nicely whitewashed after completion. Help me! Thanks