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  1. Bought fridge and tv, opt out of ext warranty, not worth paying since item value is small and easily replaceable. But for aircon systems, I did since the ext warranty cost will be easily recovered with one single part replacement, maybe heard too many horror stories on lousy installation.
  2. Yes to both the above questions. I couldn't be bothered renting out rooms, not worth my while IMO.
  3. For my case, I did not use an agent. However, agent with tenant came and like the place. Agent did not get any fees from me, but I supposed he was paid by the tenant. Of course to be fair I try not to trouble the agent too much since i'm not paying him, though he did offer help in lots of other matters to help get place ready for tenant. Frankly if he proves to be good during the tenancy, I wouldn't mind paying for his services when its due for renewal or finding a new tenancy.
  4. Hi maydream, what appeal letter is that for? If its not convenient to post here, pls pm me. Asking cos my brother is going to turn 35 in another year time and he's keen to get a flat but cannot right now.
  5. Hi hentamkings, the lawyer cost for TA is $1k. May get slightly lower fees from those firms that does lots of TA. Still cheaper as compared to estate agent's commission. You can try DIY, will get lots of agents calling you. For my case, it became too much to handle and I chose to work with the selected few. These are IMO the agents with better service. True enough, the agent that sealed the deal was very helpful and helped with lots of other work like admin stuff and helping me to get the place ready for the tenant move in.
  6. I had used agents as well as DIY rental. For using agents, they were ok but most disappeared after contract is signed and will only reappear 2 years later when the lease is due for renewal. My most recent rental I decided to DIY. Advertised stating no owner commission, and had many agents approaching me. In the end, chose to work with a few. Specify type of tenants preferred. Expat tenant found in 2 weeks after only a few viewings, so not that much of a hassle. Tenancy Agreement drafted by my lawyer. TA stamping and tenants' verification can now be done all online.
  7. Depending on rate of return if you've the cash in hand (are you going reinvest, put it in bank or sitting in cpf???) versus interest rate of loan. If reinvesting, how confident are you that the returns will be higher than the loan interest?
  8. Agents gets about 0.15% commission on the loan amount. Some agents may offer a rebate or you may try asking if anyone you know is a client of the bank and both may get some referral fee or gifts.
  9. Hi Calvin, there are many i know that have properties for long-term rent. However, none i know is vacant at this moment. In fact, one i know was just leased out last week. Do also note that if you rent any unit through an agent, you'll also have to pay the agent commission when you renew the lease.
  10. In that case, lookout for house owners whom will be renting out their units on a long-term basis. Usually such owners are living in their other property hence not likely to take it back for own occupation. HDB approval for lease is max 3 years.
  11. I also saw some other higher end brands other than bosch at their experience centre at bishan. There was no staff manning the centre when I first step in. It was after quite a while before I managed to get someone to attend to my queries. At that time, i was very interested in one of their soon-to -be launch new product. I left my contact information for them to contact me once the product is available. Needless to say, there was no follow up from them. From the interaction, i've the feeling that the staff are only interested in bulk developer sales order. Ngtg1, can I check what brand are you having in your new kitchen? I'm also looking at some new kitchen appliances.
  12. Hi chingay, i'm using electrolux oven. So far so good. They've a showroom at Toa Payoh. I'm just a consumer, not affiliated with any bosch competitors... disclaimer in place in case someone claim otherwise.
  13. Hmm will note that. The tenant is a CFO with wife and 2 kids, maybe just my good luck.
  14. Hi therat, i've had experience with northern indian family, they were good.
  15. Thanks all for the advises. Therat, yes i guess most owners are aware of this recent buzz due to wide news coverage!