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  1. Nope. My regular aircon servicing coy helped me with it (& didn't charge for the visit; which I'm very surprise).
  2. Just an update: It turns out the dripping isn't due to any choke in the drainage pipe. There are multiple drainage "channels" in the structure of a FCU (at least for my Daikin model). These channels are responsible for routing the water to the drainage pipe. For my situation, there are cracks in one of my FCU channels & since water always choose the easiest way out, the water begin "exiting" these cracks instead of routing nicely to the drainage pipe's entrance. The cracks are actually quite tiny hence the dripping isn't regular (once the accumulated water drains out via the crack, its water level dips) , & also doesn't occur immediately after powering on the FCU (the accumulated water needs to hit a certain water level before it can seep out the cracks). Here are the photos of the cracks...
  3. I'll see if I can sneak some photos with the front cover removed (during the next round of my ac-servicing; I've someone coming to service the FCU's every 4 mths). I've also more/less pin-point the drainage of the FCUs in my apartment to end/drain into the sewage? pipe beneath the floor-traps of my toilets. In each floor-trap, there are 2 pipes (total of 4 for 4 FCUs) that exit sideways into the sewage drainage. Now I finally know why sometimes I hear water-flowing sound in my toilets when nobody's using! I will like to suggest you to be very careful smelling/blowing/breathing into/from/around the blue tube when you have applied chlorine-based bleach into it. Perhaps can use a hand pump/compressed air to jet the dissolved waste out the other hand instead. Thank you for the wet/dry vacuum tip (I'll probably not buy one as I do see the aircon service team bringing one during their visits). Btw, thank you for your detailed reply again (you have also helped me in this thread before!)
  4. Update: I managed to find a 2.5L can of this exact product at Highest Paint Pte Ltd 82 Jalan Jurong Kechil for $54.
  5. Hi, guess this may be a shot in the dark but I'll try anyway... Anybody knows where I can purchase the Sayerlack Linea Blu Wax Effect waterbased stain in Singapore? Basically it's a type of "paint" used to stain wooden decking. I'm looking for some to touch-up the outlook of my balcony decking. The rear of the can looks like this: This is the exact "model", color code is HI2213 (dark walnut), used to varnish my decking by the installers. Hence I was hoping to buy back the same series to touch up the decking by myself.
  6. Hmm...my drainage pipe is concealed (DBSS). I assume there should be an outlet somewhere? Any idea where it is? That's the downside of having no trunking (not by choice), I have nothing to trace/follow. & shouldn't I use a vacuum to suck from the (outlet of) the drainage pipe instead of jetting water into it?
  7. Hi fellows, may I know if there is water continuously dripping from my FCU at the corner depicted in the illustration, what's going on, & how do I stop it? It's dripping steadily even though I've powered down the aircon (no compressor running).
  8. Notice more & more occurrence of mould issues in Singapore housing. Dunno whether it is due to sub-par water-proofing done such that water between floors are permeating the ceiling/floor/walls... Mould leads to booklice.
  9. Yup, I'm using the PlayBar, SUB & their satellite speakers. Your query?
  10. Hi fellows, for those of you who have raised wooden decking in your balcony, may I know how do you thoroughly clean the space beneath your decking? Particularly for those who grow a lot of potted plants there, I observed any fair bit of gardening will make soil & dirt creep between the gaps & below the decking.
  11. To answer my own query: based on a previous post by the homeowner: I believe the racks are powder-coated. Reason is because I'd also ordered from JinYu Trading. & their only black racks are powder-coated. I actually knocked (al beit lightly) a spanner against my racks in my bomb shelter the other day, & there wasn't any observable scratched. If the racks were spray-painted, the result will be very (negatively) different. Also wish to point out JinYu responds to queries very readily, i.e. I emailed them with the dimensions of my storeroom & potential rack configuration & one of their rep responded to my tons of emails...overall, good experience with them.
  12. Did you remove the old flooring before they came in to work? Or was it your tiled surfaces that they overlay upon?
  13. Nah, don't worry about it. Information is always welcome (by me any way); especially specific, in-depth quality responses like yours.
  14. I believe I'm suffering from similar situation: my bomb shelter ceiling have got a mould outbreak. It all started with a booklice infestation (which I guess should have been tell-tale enough), then one day while I was lint-rolling the lice off the ceilings & walls, I noticed the patches (of mould). I reside on the top floor & have reasons to believe the water-proofing done at the water tank level is deteriorating. Even the ceiling at my lift lobby drips water during heavy rain. Going to highlight to town council pretty soon...
  15. You can try ordering from 淘宝. I order long SS rods from there every now & then. I am allowed to specify diameter (inner & outer), hollow core or not, grade (yup, even 316 is available) & of course length. If you are ordering super slim ones, the seller will know how to pack with a wood brace to ensure no bending. For air shipment, length should not exceed 1.7m (thereabouts). But if you are very particular about the external finishing, e.g. you need it to be polished, you need to highlight.