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  1. Hi, I took some pictures yesterday of the bed in a semi-assembled state. I just put the pieces together without screwing anything in, so there are some gaps and things that don't look aligned. Once properly assembled everything will look good. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/zp8i00oqtf587sh/AABl3GU3U44bBSPrIlwr4WgPa?dl=0
  2. Hi, I have a queen size bed for sale. It is solid wood construction, and black with gray floral pattern fabric headboard exterior and pure black washable sides. Bought Feb 2011 from Aafrenz, I can't remember exactly how much but was in the $400-600 range. Condition is very good, no signs of wear and tear, just need some cleaning up. Letting go at just $100. Self pick up. Interested parties please PM me. Thanks.
  3. Hi, I'm looking for cheap E27 LED and T5 bulbs. Does anyone know where and how much they are normally? I'm especialy looking for E27 soft white high power(15-20W) 360deg LED globe bulbs that look something like this: Does anyone know where to get these? IKEA sells a similar one at $19.90, are there cheaper options? TIA.
  4. Hi, I was looking for a mid to large top or bottom freezer fridge, and the Samsung RT43 came up tops. Pretty value for money ($959 for 440L nett), good energy efficiency (3 ticks, $100/year), design is clean and understated, and it's a new model. However, while shopping for the lowest price at Courts, my wife chanced upon the Electrolux ESE5608TARMY side by side fridge. It's much bigger, more expensive, but at $1399, very reasonably priced compared to other side by sides. The construction quality is better than the Samsung as well, but energy efficiency is very low (1 tick, $211/year). My wife really loves it, and frankly, so do I, but it's an older model (I think early 2013 or even 2012?) and I'm not sure about Electrolux quality/durability. Does anyone have any comments on the Electrolux ESE5608TARMY or Samsung RT43? Thanks!
  5. Hi, I'm also shopping for water heaters and with all the different types, I'm getting quite confused. From my research, there are 4 different types of heaters 1. Point of use (POU) electric heater 2. Centralized storage tank electric heater 3. Centralized tankless electric heater 4. Centralized tankless gas heater (citygas) POU is easy to fix and probably cheap, but you'll need 1 for every water outlet, which can be inconvenient. Centralized storage tank is units are relatively cheap, but takes time to heat up, and incurs high running costs since you're heating up more than you need. Centralized tankless electric heaters have cheaper running costs since you're heating on demand, but the units are apparently more expensive (but how much?), there's a drop in water pressure, and there's a limit in the rate of hot water being pumped out in L/min. Citygas heaters also have cheaper running costs, but we don't get as much freedom in choosing the location of unit and piping. I'm leaning towards tankless heaters (either electric or gas) but I'm not sure of 2 things: 1. How much do electric tankless heaters cost? 2. How will the piping for citygas heaters be done? Will it be unsightly and costly? Anyone has knowledge and experience of these 2? Thanks!
  6. Hi, Can porcelain tiles be cut into half before laying? From 30x60cm to 15x60cm. I'm interested in a wood grain tile from MML. It's 30x60cm but I want it in 15x60cm strips. The salesperson told me that my contractor would be able to cut it down to size, but my contractor says that after cutting, the edges will be sharp, it will not be level after laying, and there will be high wastage. Is this true?
  7. Hi, I'm thinking of getting LED track lights, and wonder what's a good place to get it. Walked around some shops in Balestier and got quoted $15/m for the tracks, and about $100 per LED light. The halogen ones go for $30 each there. That seems quite expensive. Saw some online stores such as ledlightsg.com which are much cheaper, but not sure if they are legit as I can't find a showroom address. Also, are the lights, bulbs and tracks interchangeable? Does anyone have any recommendations for good places to get lighting? Also, trying to find a mooi lamp like this: Can't seem to find it. Does anyone know where to find something like that at an affordable price? Thanks!
  8. Hi, Thinking of moving the entrance of my kitchen, which involves hacking off existing entrance and building up a new one, followed by installation of a door. My contractor quoted me the following - To provide labour hack / dismantle existing wall at kitchen entrance . $300 - Supply labour and material to use cement plaster compound to make smooth surface area at affected hacked off wall & lay tile finish at facing kitchen area. $500 - Supply labour & material to construct new wall use 2.5" hollow block c/w cement plaster compound to make smooth surface area & lay tile finish at facing kitchen area. $700 - Supply labour & materials to install 1set of wooden frame paint in black with clear glass panels door at kitchen entrance . (L-1000 x H-2100) $1250 Firstly, wondering if his prices are reasonable for the hacking/building up. Also, wondering if the constructed new wall is sturdy. What is "2.5" hollow block c/w cement plaster"? If I tap on it, does it sound hollow, compared to a concrete brick wall? And is it load bearing? If I accidentally bang into it with something sharp will it poke all the way into the wall? Next, wondering why the door is so expensive. I was thinking of something like this. For comparison, he quoted 2 bedroom veneer recon doors for $780 total. I'm guessing it's more expensive due to the tempered glass? If so, would it be cheaper if less glass is used? Thanks!
  9. Seems like I missed out Bilrich, but I'm not sure if these are laminates or HERF. Any idea?
  10. Hi, Thinking of getting HERF flooring, and seems like my choices are Evorich, Floor Xpert and Inovar. May I know if anyone has experience with them? Evorich is very popular, and most people I have talked to are happy with the quality, even after a few years. It also seems to be the most expensive though. How about the others? I'm concerned with the durability and water resistance of the flooring. Thanks!
  11. Hi, Going to get my 5room BTO keys soon, and I didn't opt for the HDB flooring. I'm interested in both tiles (for the kitchen) and engineered wood/laminate/HERF flooring (for the bedroom). Went to Evorich yesterday and they quoted me $6.95psf for walk in price of HERF, but from some threads here, they seem to be offering it for less. I'm interested in HERF because it's supposedly water resistant compared to laminate, and only marginally more expensive. However, I've also read that they may not be scratch resistant, and may be toxic due to their plastic content? Are there any definitive resources for these information? Other than Evorich, what other companies are comparable in quality and price? (preferably lower priced of course). Also, can any contractor install these flooring, or must they go through Evorich/etc? I've also read about engineered wood, and it seems better in quality and safety than laminate/HERF. What are the prices of these, and any good/affordable companies locally? Lastly, how much do tiles go for, and any recommendations for companies? Thanks!
  12. Hi, Does anyone have any experience with Lotus Sleep Studio in their IMM or Park Mall outlets?