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  1. You have to 'spur' a neutral wire out after the lamps and connect it to the last connector. Quite troublesome though.
  2. Are you using a double pole switch? Single pole switches only connects live.
  3. I had bad experience with: Toyomi tower misting fan--ionize feature broke in a few months, power button broke after a year, had to rig a 1 gang light switch in there Taiyo induction cooker--after attempting to use it after a period of storage, it began tripping the circuit breaker(not RCD) A-tech 'made in japan' lighting accessories, had a low wattage Fluorescent bulb--the 'ballast' consists of only 3 resistors and a 474J ceramic cap. They are twisted together and little to no solder were used. Bought from a small hardware store. Taiyo extension lead,the neon indicators fade after using for about two months. Other than that it is fine though. Travel adapters in general--many does not comply with BS1363 specifications
  4. Had an unlicensed electrician do the water heater replacement, and he managed to connect the live wires for the water heater together at the DP switch and breaking only the neutral(he mixed up due to an additional spur socket at that point), which can be very dangerous. For safety purposes a license electrician is a must, if you cannot do it yourself.
  5. I hope this is not necroing...You can find the catalog through going to their site, then clicking products-view product details-Product details on old CCM site(CCM logo below text)-light switches & accessories-mk-"metalclad plug"-download pdf. After doing some research, I figured out the G series is made in Malaysia using the "Avant" series(bought one, will flex and bulge when installing if backbox have insufficient space,just like Legrand Mallias) electrical modules. Still dunno where to buy Aspect/Albany plus though. I also realized that the ones in the MRT circle lines are actually BSS style Albany plus with red rockers. Basically, the Masterseal compact, Slimline plus, Ecore and Avant series are made for Malaysia and Singapore and are usually not as well built as the uk ones(lack of DP switch, printed on 'on' indicator on rockers,polycarbonate instead of urea for slimline and ecore etc. Regarding your question, there are 3 mechanisms that MK used for the shutters. The first one used on the Slimline plus and possibly the Ecore is the 'push earth pin,bottom shutters slide downward' usd by most other brands. The second one is the old mk style and is white in colour(but still used in Avant and G metalclad) white 'twisted' looking clips,basically when you insert a Bs1363 plug the shutters rotate anticlockwise,this kind does not involve earth, but you still need the plastic plug key(which is actually banned in uk) to insert the europlugs(2 pin plug) because the pins touch the inner 'pit' part of the shutter instead of the outer 'sloped ' part.The last kind is the 'cannot see anything in earth,but still need earth' kind, the shutters at Live and Neutral are both sloped upwards and are black in colour ,and are used in most new uk series. In Tan Tock Seng Hospital, the wards apparently uses MK Logic plus sockets and water heater switch with the older blue tick certified sticker. I don't know how they managed to buy those. I found out in CCM that you can buy the uk 20A metalclad switch and also the uk metalclad and logic plus RCD sockets. The uk 20A switch came with the MK plastic wrapper on the front module and also costed ~$21 after GST( I would rather buy those air-con style isolators at that price tbh).
  6. Sometimes cash converters will buy,but you are better off selling at carousell
  7. Recently I bought a couple of Metalclad 13A sockets from CCM.However,I see disparity between the listed models in the CCM(and also other Singapore distributors,so it is not CCM's fault) and the official MK site.On page 3 of the catalog of the Metalclad plus in the CCM website,the switched 13A and 15A sockets,and the rocker switches have SKUs that start with "G" instead of "K".These "G" series look different from the "K" series that is officially on the MK website.For example,on the SG distributer's pdf,the model of 2 gang 13A BS1363 socket is "G2946 ALM".However,on the official MK site,the model number is "K2946 ALM".The models have substantial differences such as the "G" version have narrower plastic edges around the socket holes,narrower rocker switch,only 1 earth connection at the back instead of 2 on the "K" series.The safety mark sticker also looks somewhat dubious(look like low quality sticker).Googling "G" series does not provide much information either.May I know the reason for the different models,where the "G" series are made in,and also where to get the "K" variants in Singapore. Thanks for any information about the matter. PS I see the "G" series installed on the void deck of HDB,but on Circle Line MRT stations,"K" series with red rockers are used.On a corridor on Jurong Point,there are also an MK Albany Plus socket installed on the wall with a more trust-able safety mark sticker on the top left.