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  1. hi to update all, i finally added those japanese beads blinds and then didn't think back on the concerns i had from day 1! just like what bepgof said, 'see through' already!
  2. i already tom bang my friend who bought online on magnetic strip. will update again once it arrive and let you all know the cost.
  3. I am also still back to square one, i went to a friend house to hear his sound system, samsung one. he says very good sound. then he blasted the sound very loud! i was thinking loud doesn't mean good.... as can even hear the lousy quality within...
  4. or probably can search in hardware shops to see can get those window handle with a key and lock style?
  5. So many furniture list around, I wished I had chanced upon this earlier, then I wouldn't have to waste time finding on other sources Anyway, I just preordered a tv console from born in colour. Asked renotalk forumers on separate thread earlier if there is any reviews but no response. I went down to the shop and was very pleased with the service level of the boss I think. He listened to what my house reno is, then recommended and gave suggestions of what he thinks match. Very good so got to recommend! born in colour *REMOVED* Address: xxx Yishun -- #02-37 (very ulu as its located at the north end of singapore but its worth it!) Mostly retro and vintage style, with some mix of scandi and country. I love it most as most of their items (as well as the tv console i bought) are featured in korean drama!
  6. my tiles in the bathroom also kenna rust stained with only 2 weeks of using, with some shampoo holder that claims to be stainless steel! maybe i should also paint it while
  7. that time i was doing some research about daikin and mitsubishi aircon... then i chanced upon panasonic ones. heard from many friends and some reviews that panasonic air cons are really not bad in the first place to start with. they comes with a lot of different functions which is very good.
  8. if they said they included the design fee inside the carpentry already, isn't that a good news you don't have to pay more?
  9. i quite sure can DIY. why not you ask your friend for contacts, then I also want to buy. from what i heard, its just using double sided tape to tape the velcro up....
  10. i am also considering to get it, but my neighbour say can get magnetic ones. i saw before velcro one though. but actually quite funny, cos my window frames are non magnetic in nature. wonder how my neighbour is doing..
  11. i am thinking of doing a black glass door. then 90% of the time to close it when not in use. the bead curtain can be a good alternative, worth considering.
  12. ah i see.. so the alternatives for me is to see the other brands since hts-8100 is no more already..
  13. its unbelievable that part time can earn 2k. like that no one wants to work full time already, all stay at home work part time.