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  1. Hi All I have compiled a list of furnitures for your reference. Pls do not ask me about their quality or pricing. The list is mainly for people who do not know where to start looking. Enjoy... 1) Avenir Maison http://www.avenirmaison.com 2) Kaimay http://www.kaimay.com.sg 3) Boconcept http://www.boconcept.sg 4) Castilla http://www.castilla.com.sg 5) Cellini http://www.cellini.com.sg 6) Parishome http://parishomeonline.com 7) Furniture Club http://furnitureclub.sg 8) Iwannagohome http://www.iwannagohome.com.sg/ 9) Lifestorey http://www.lifestorey.com/ 10) Lucano http://www.lucano.com.sg/ 11) Lush http://www.lush-lush.com 12) Marquis http://www.marquis.com.sg (High-end) 13) Massimmo http://www.massimmo.com/ 14) Molecule living http://www.moleculeliving.com 15) Natural living http://www.natural-living.com.sg/ 16) OPSH http://www.opsh.com.sg 17) Proof living http://www.proof.com.sg (High-end) 18) Star living http://www.starliving.com.sg 19) Suncoast Sitra http://www.suncoastsitra.com 20) XZQT http://www.xzqt.com.sg/ (High-end) 21) Lifestyle living http://www.lifestyleliving.com.sg/ 22) Manhattan collection http://www.manhattancollection.com.sg/ 23) Boilevard outdoor http://boulevardoutdoorfurniture.com/ 24) Outdoor culture http://www.outdoorculture.com.sg 25) Life space http://lifespace.com.sg 26) Resort Living http://www.resortzliving.com 27) Closet design http://www.closetdesign.com.sg 28) Mudian http://mudian.com.sg/ (High-end) 29) Kitchen culture http://kitchencultureholdings.com (High-end)
  2. Hi All I have recently purchased a 2-storey landed property and intend to do an A&A to 2.5 Storey. Can anyone recommend/provide a listing of architects and builders to choose from? Thanks
  3. I too had bad experience with them. Bad workmanship and had to continuously remind them on the schedules. Defects were not even rectified properly even till today.
  4. Hi Stopper15 Using wooden decking will definitely cause warping and cracking due to our climate. It also depends on the quality of the wood and how they are dried before the treatment process. Wat your carpenter mentioned about using short wood strips is correct, but again, u lose the aesthetic looks. I think possible warping / cracking: 1) Thickness of the wood - the thicker the better but again impossible to install in the balcony 2) Balcony is generally sheltered and do not get direct sunlight when the wood is wet (esp when raining). So drying becomes problem. Also using Chengai wood will produce liquid sap unlike if using Balau wood. my 2cents worth
  5. Hi Huffpuff Sorry to hear that. Ive struck them off my list quite some time back. My experience was they r more eager to sell their high-end furnitures, and their designs are not impressed at all. And yes, their fees are unreasonably high and almost 30% of their quoted pricing goes to their recommended furnitures.
  6. oh wat i meant was the pricing quotation includes a 3k designer fee
  7. went for a quotation and was told need to pay a designer fee of 3k. Saw their plan but was not really impressed. Was rather simply though, so strike them of my list.
  8. You can try The I.D.Dept but its not gonna be cheap. Last I checked min designer fee $15K and reno cost btw $120-150K to have that high-class elegant effect. http://www.theiddept.com/site/home.html
  9. Hi All Have anyone use Whitespace Living? Any comments? Thanks
  10. Hi Meilng Its coming to Chinese New Year. I guess most ID r rushing to complete their existing projects to meet datelines. Suggest u call to make appointment 1st. Anyways, u can try WhiteSpace. Saw and heard alot of good reviews on them. I have recently met Thomas and I personally think he's an honest and patient person. Also the business seems to have good project management processes in place. Will be seeing their showflats to view their workmanship before signing the doted line w them. U can check out their website at www.substance.sg.
  11. met Der***k at R&R. Nice friendly guy and patient Gave some good ideas. Same time told him about the recent bad reviews about their ID co on this forum, but told him im taking a pinch of salt and see it for myself. Also told him the quality of the compentry works is impt...bec best design + bad workmanship = bad reno. Anyways, he'll update me on a proposal in a week time.
  12. going to see them today. Saw alot of bad reviews but will give it a try. Will update my experience soon.
  13. budget is around 40-50K (inclusive of all furnitures and fittings but exclude air-con). Tom going to do some ID shopping :-)