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  1. sorry to hear this .... always find difficult to deal with IDs and contractors when they dont deliver ... anyway, from what i know, caesarstone does have a pricing across the range (price range from 120-520 pfr for classico), supernatural frosty carrina, 20mm for width 600mm (20mm flat polish) is 190 pfr and 40mm downturn is 210 pfr. For Island top 700-900mm is 250 pfr 20mm, 40mm downturn is 290 pfr etc. May I know how much is the Blum related hinges and doors cost? blum is very expensive ...
  2. So lovely, hope my renovation can be as beautiful as yours. Can you post a few photos of the dining area (I am still thinking open concept kitchen or not) , bomb shelter and service yard please? Many thanks
  3. I currently stayed in 6th floor. 25L joven water tank. cannot take bath in 2 toilets, otherwise water pressure will be half. Using hansgrohe rain shower head, very good quality. Hdb cannot compare to private water pressure, hence product cannot be used to max. Hansgrohe has really good quality product, drop many times, didn’t break or scratch....remember to take all the faucets with u when u sell the house ... lol Anyway, Going to stay top floor next time soon .... ao Smith digital with temperature control is a good choice.
  4. nice, nice. i also bought a few faucet from hg - metris series. wonder why u need axor parts ? mixer ? hdb water pressure not so strong lei ....
  5. can we have some photos of the kitchen cabinets inside? seems like the inner laminate is black ? looks so beautiful ! by the way, may I know the costs of the renovation and contractor contacts? thanks.
  6. so beautiful, can you pm me the price of the iquartz? and also can advise which induction cooker is suitable for BTO? thanks.
  7. sh Butterfly Step Trash Can, Stainless Steel, 10 L / 2.6 Gal amazon USA costs SGD 146. amazon prime now (sg) - not avail. HF SGD 119. the larger the capacity the more exp from usa... compare first then buy.
  8. so exciting ... ordering simplehuman (trash can) from amazon is going to costs a bomb ... better get it from amazon prime now or home-fix (cheaper by 20-30) ...
  9. may i know if anyone uses haiku L series (about 780 plus LED kit) ? how's it compared to like KDK dc fan (cheapest 140cm 338 w/o LED) ?
  10. wonderful design? may i know what is the width of your fridge? do u think it is possible to put a side by side fridge and a blum space tower into your kitchen? mine is about the same size (3.5x2.4m). thanks.
  11. Wonderful design. May I know the price of your kitchen quartz and bathroom bifold? Thanks
  12. so beautiful, may i know what is the countertop material and price pls ? thanks.