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  1. Hmm. For the sliding doors, we use tinted black glass. As such, you can see our inner carcass of the wardrobe clearly. For the bi-fold doors, we opt for a black mirror finishing door. We use it as our full length mirror, just that we can't really see the original Colour of the images since it is black in Colour. Hope that helps
  2. Hi, i doubt bank transfer will work as it will require an account in Germany. It will be safer also for you to opt for PayPal so that you can file for dispute if there are any problems with you order. Best to make your order early to prevent any hiccups during shipping. I know SingPost is the local courier for insani24 and trust me they are not relaibile at all.
  3. @honeybunny We had planned for this Fishtank to spruce up our simple living room. In fact, this is one of the requirement given to my ID. I am no expert in this as this aspect is solely taken care by my hubby. But I managed to find the box for the lights! We are able to adjust the Spectrum and intensity of the light. Because this fish tank is quite huge, this light is also able to emit deep penetrating light to reach the carpet grass! i love spending time looking at the cute Yamato shrimps eating away in the tank! If there is any more questions, I can help u ask my hubby
  4. Some pictures to update since we moved in Living room Kitchen
  5. So we had moved in for about three months and we finally started working on our fish tank!
  6. Wow. Didn't know the fabric will look so different under different lights! Now u make me feel excited for my own curtains! Vincent seems to be doing so well that it took him almost three weeks to do the curtains! are you still on target to move in next week?
  7. Hello~ Dining chairs in this picture are temporary.
  8. @niel85. Starting any T-blog to share the joy? There are still defects waiting to be rectify but I guess I am at a point where I cant wait to move in. I am prepared to close both eyes if required. We had arrange tons of deliveries to be in this Sat! We should be "moving in" by next Tuesday with only our essentials!!!! CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Today was cleaning day! Though there are rectifying works to be done, we decided to vacuum and mop the whole place for the first time. Now it feels a lot more comfortable. We also met up with Vincent who is highly recommended in Renotalk. We decided to do both day and night curtains for living room and all bedrooms as our flat faces the opposite block directly.. We were really tempted to take the more fanciful designs but they do not really fit in our simple house. In the end, we decided on the simple dark grey fabric for all rooms and white day curtain.
  10. @northblue @neeganisgod Hi both, my total reno excluding electrician cost is about low 40k. . We burst our budget! Shall pm you the ID only when I had finished the renovation as we still have quite a bit of rectifying work to be done!
  11. I am a very lazy person by nature. Going out to shop makes me tired easily. Hence, I turned toward internet shopping specially Amazon for my home stuff. Below are some of the hoots I got Next up : Taobao Buys!
  12. @slashmylove Thanks for liking our house! =). The beam above the window is done by HDB while the one at the aircon was box-up by us to hide the aircon piping.
  13. So we are currently at a stage where rectifying works are in process. As of date, our renovation works took around two months. To be my fair to my ID, we waited for a week for the aircon to be up. So yesterday was cleaning day and my ID went up to check on the progress. Pictures ahead!!! Same old living room (Fish tank to be up in mid Dec!) I like my living room to be super bright but do not like false ceiling. So we over-killed on the number of track lights so much that my ceiling looked super 'busy'. We decided to remove some of them, having only 3 track lights per 2M track. Kitchen Common bathroom Initially, we did not want to have this partition sliding doors. I personally do not like the look of it. We brainstormed with our ID for prettier ways to have wet and dry areas in the toilet but those ways either compromised on the bathing area or will allowed some water to get into the dry area. So we gave up and went for the typical sliding doors. . Common Bedrooms ( one was with the integrated table) Master Toilet Handover day, please come as soon as possible!
  14. love your master room toilet feature wall!! Will copy your design if I had seen it earlier!