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  1. Hi Tim, Is the promotion for still on? Kindly quote me for system 3 (3 x 9000BTU/H) on the 3 brands as well as York. Thanks.
  2. Hi All, Anyone has any idea how to secure the valve for the water mains after I've turned on to prevent people from mis-use?
  3. Hi Does anyone can advise is there any contractor or furniture shop can do it? As in buying a piece of car wheel/rim and convert into a glass top coffee table? Thanks
  4. Hi Anyone has recommendation for HDB approved service yard sliding windows & grilles contractor? I was quoted around 1400 for the windows & grilles and thought it is on the high side. Thanks.
  5. Hi all, Need advise. Let's say I've engaged an contractor or ID for home reno. Do I need to be on standby to buy fridge, washing machine, hood & hob etc those kitchen appliances when the are about to start doing the kitchen & service yard reno? Can I buy these stuff at a later stage?
  6. Hi, mine is not the top floor and it's HDB... I dont see any bloating or falling paint peeling off from the ceiling, so do I need to scrap off the entire ceiling paint before i apply the oil-based sealer?
  7. Hi all, The below 2 pics are the ceiling of my bathroom. It looks so dirty like moulding patches. My questions is can i just buy white paint and cover it up myself? Do i need a scraper to first scrap out the old paint 1st? what type of paint should i buy? Any1 can help?