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Found 14 results

  1. Hi everyone, (Apologies for the 90deg tilted image, not sure why cannot post in portrait) I've bought a high floor 20yo HDB resale unit and the renovations have completed more than 6 mths ago. Trouble start brewing last Nov (2017) when I notice water bubbles coming out of my vinyl flooring seams in my master bedroom. Mould mites can also be seen crawling near the area. Got a shock of my life when the vinyl is removed as there is a pool of milky looking water underneath the vinyl (fig. 1) The floor screed appears wet (darker colour) and moisture can be seen collecting on the underside of a vinyl piece placed overnight (fig. 2 see the water sheen). The wettest part of my master bedroom floor is at an area where there are absolutely no water pipings and is the direct opposite from the toilet (fig. 3). The water stain does extend from the toilet entrance (smallest dark patch) to the direct opposite side of the room (largest dark patch). The tiler mention if the leak is coming from the toilet, the toilet entrance should have the biggest dark patch. I've refrain from using the toilet just in case...but it doesn't seems to have any improvements. My lower unit neighbour has perfect ceiling condition in their master bedroom area and toilet. So I conclude this issue is only within my own unit. Where could the moisture be coming from? Town Council has assist in patching the exterior walls and repainted them as well to eliminate the possibility of rain water leakage from outside. I've run out of possibilities on where is the source of the moisture...there is no water stain marks on the surrounding walls or bubbling paint which is a typical telltale sign of water seepage. From my observation, there is also no significant increase in the moisture on the concrete screed during heavy rains. Any form of moisture can only be seen when covering the screed for a couple of hours using a non-breathable material such as a piece of vinyl. Anyone can help me solve this "water bleed" mystery?
  2. Hi, I’m looking for a shower door bottom sweeper. Does anyone know where I can buy a sweeper which has the shape like on the attached photo? I’ve checked several DYI stores and none of them carry sweepers of such profile. Thanks
  3. I have bought a tap from Hoe Kee at IMM on 8 May for my new house. And it was installed by my contractor after that. On 20 May i found the copper pipe was broken and my whole house was flooded. I went to the store, the staff try to blame the contractor at first. Then they agree to change the pipe only. What kind of service is that? Not even replace the tap. They said they Cannot resell. What the **** is that. They want to refurbish and sell. And they did not even apologize for flooding my house. They just said that was none od their business. Attached are the photos.
  4. Hi all, Letting go of 2 x beautifully designed mixer (hold/ cold water) tap that is white-based with chrome elements. Great for minimalistic house designs. Tap can turn 2-ways and at 360 degrees each way. Brand new in box. 1 set for SGD 55, 2 sets for SGD100. See carousell link at https://sg.carousell.com/p/water-basin-mixer-tap-brand-new-110034758/?ref=profile&ref_referrer=%2Fj1ng85%2F&ref_sId=4135936
  5. Ensured freshness with UV real-time sterilization system! The innovative real-time post sterilization where a UV sterilization device is installed between the water outlet and storage tank. Made in Korea. Widely supported in Singapore. If you are looking to get one for yourself or your family, enquire through this! Bioglobe Water Systems
  6. Been using this for almost 15 years. First time this problem happened. Now come to think of it, could be because of too much movements or too much force caused by me when fixing the flexible "input" pipe when the rubber is too old already or the white tape gone. At first i thought that was the problem, but after replacing the white tape and replacing rubber, it was still leaking, so end up realizing the problem went further up. 1) Is there any way for me to fix or replace that part? Looks like I'll need to get a spare from Bosch. 2) I am also considering to replace it to a new water heater since its really old. Was thinking of going to CityGas near my place to look for new ones with installation. 3) I am worried that the location of the new water heater inputs might be different from my old one. Meaning there will be pipe works to be done... Any advice?
  7. Hi fellows, may I know if there is water continuously dripping from my FCU at the corner depicted in the illustration, what's going on, & how do I stop it? It's dripping steadily even though I've powered down the aircon (no compressor running).
  8. Basin for water features/home fountain 20 Littres container base Non corrosive Used but excellent condition Contact 8698 0009 for more information
  9. Looking for a water purifier? Wanting to enhance your drinking water? Want to protect your babies/family from unwanted partial in drinking water? Focus water is currently helping all residents to enhance their drinking water and giving you and your family a peace of mind. Our water system had exceeded the guideline of WHO (World Health Organisation with multiple Lab Test Report to backup with (SGS, NSF, TUV SUD PSB etc...). The benefits of having a water filtration system are much more then u can imagine, for health or for convenience e.g.: • Do not have the hassle to boil any more water • Health benefits from Antioxidant & Alkaline • Improves taste in drinking water • Removes impurity etc. Sign up our maintenance service to enjoy the FREE system and installation for this residential program! Call us now @ 6848 9133 / enquiry@focuswater.com.sg to find out more or to arrange a home demo. Our Friendly Water Specialist will patiently clear any doubts you have. www.focuswater.com.sg
  10. Hi everyone, just started reno on my brand new bto home. found out that my ID's contractor damaged a pipe and didnt report it, ended up causing my bedroom to get flooded. we opted for the HDB timber floorboards. the leak found its way through the walls and through the skirting, and gradually flooded the place for over 48 hours. i have mopped up as often as i could, but overnight, it would just flood the entire bedroom. how resilient are the floorboards to this type of water damage? does it need to be completely replaced?
  11. We are renovating the master bathroom and i'm totally unfamiliar with fengshui- my MIL is the one insisting we get it all right. I understand there are rules for water and heat and stuff, and we are installing out new Ariston water heater soon and have 2 walls to choose from. Any ideas on whether West or North facing is better or does it even matter?
  12. hi guys, would any of you have any good suggestions to lower the water pressure into our unit? I live in a condo and I think the water pressure is way too high coming into the unit. The condo water riser only have a flow reducing valve, but that doesn't stop the water pressure from building up when no one is using. it's evident that i keep getting leaking bidets, leaky faucets, and i have some wooden sidings that seem to have water seeping into it. I read that i can use a water pressure reducing valve? is this a common problem that most plumbers know how to address? thanks for the help!
  13. Alkaline Anti Oxidant Water Pitcher gives the user alkaline water benefits. It acts as an alkaline water ionizer for your tap water, turning it into mineral rich health promoting water which is alkaline in pH and has antioxidant properties. Usual Selling Price :NOW only $60. (Usual price $95.00) If you want to buy more filter: NOW only $25 (Usual price $28.00) SMS or PM me for purchase, 9822-4274. Functionality: PH Balance Negative Ions Low ORP (Anti-Oxidant) Active Hydrogen Removes Chlorine 1.Increasing the pH of the filtered water typically to between 8.5 and 9.5. 2.Changing the oxidation/reduction potential of the water (ORP) to between 100mV and 250mV. 3.Reducing the size of the clusters of water molecules so that the water is more easily absorbed in the body. 4.Putting into the water beneficial alkaline minerals such as potassium, magnesium and calcium. Description: "Smart fill" lid enables refilling without removing the lid. Pitcher is made with medical grade plastic. Reduces heavy metals. lead, copper plus water hardness, pollution and pesticides. High Anti-Oxidant for natural anti-aging properties at the same level or better than Vitamin C. Abundant minerals (Ca, Mg, Na, K and more) deposited into the water naturally.
  14. I have 2 brand new heater Aerogaz. Bought than realise it's not my heater spoilt. 5 Years warranty. Purchase date: 28 jun 2013. Installation can be arrange. $30 Great heater with copper inner tank. No worries of melted plastic. Size: W21cm H31cm D9.5cm Call me 8383 3377 http://www.aerogaz.com/zoom_thumbnail.asp?pic=S850_tn.jpg Instant Water Heater(1 Knob) Model: S850 Features:- Single point- Electronic power selector- Anti-scald device- Splash proof (IPX5)- Flow switch sensor (FSS)- High / Low water pressure- UK heating element Power Supply: Voltage: 220V-240V Frequency: 50/60Hz Power: 2.9kW to 3.5kW Technical Specifications:Type: Electronic Power ControlMin. Water Flow Rate: 3 litre/minMax. Water Flow Rate: 7 litre/minWater Connection: 1/2" BSP Single Point SystemDimensions: H 306 x W 210 x D 100 mmWeight: 2.8kgs