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  1. If you're looking to replace it, I'd recommend an Ariston storage heater, we ended up still concealing ours in the reno so it would be cleaner but in case you want the option, I still find their designs the most modern and unobtrusive of all the options. Going on 5 years and we're still happy with ours.
  2. If their customer service isnt helpful, I highly recommend considering an Ariston heater. A few year back we were having so many issues with our water heater too and we switched to Ariston- the customer service and followups from their installers were great and we havent had problems in years! Good luck!
  3. I'd vote glass too, especially if it's a smaller bathroom with not much distance from the bath area, where the door will be prone to getting wet.
  4. Does anyone know a good fengshui person to consult about this? There's more to it now- MIL says color is impt too, like whether it's metallic or not etc. Thank goodness Ariston has so many colours so we are not stuck but who knew choosing a water heater would be such an issue! LOL. Help!
  5. We are renovating the master bathroom and i'm totally unfamiliar with fengshui- my MIL is the one insisting we get it all right. I understand there are rules for water and heat and stuff, and we are installing out new Ariston water heater soon and have 2 walls to choose from. Any ideas on whether West or North facing is better or does it even matter?
  6. I use a metal flex hose with my Ariston instant heater and it's been great! 5 years now and both the heater and hose are still going strong. I was concerned about the plastic + hot water too, and I think metal is safer plus seems more durable.
  7. actually my friend's living room has false ceiling leh... quite common leh
  8. i usually scrub and scrub and scrub, haaa ! your HCL89 got use anot??
  9. LED is awesome! i convinced my parents to redo their lights with LED, no need to change light bulbs every 2-3 years haaa ! parents are like that... die die don't want to listen, always think they're right. but now they listen to me lah, save them money and don't need to climb up chairs to change light bulbs. bathroom must splurge! i'm actually looking at this chio Ariston water heater, i like the feeling of pretending that i'm rich hehe!! looks atas. it should go nice above a rain shower but hor i need nice tiles to match, that's why i like your toilet with the dark coloured tiles wor!!
  10. I love your bathroom! SUPER CHIO! i'm going to renovate mine soon, so i wanted something modern lor. you say yours is sea theme but it also looks modern! i started a thread but researching nice bathrooms, sorry i crash your thread heehee are the lights LED? can save electricity if LED my friend said
  11. thanks for the advice! going to renovate my toilet soon, shall try try heehee
  12. Hi hi, I want to renovate my toilet and rebuild from scratch. now the modern look very in, so i want to be stylish also!! i want to take out my old toilet bowl (yellowed already), maybe reusing my Star basin, replacing Ariston water heater, change tiles and flooring, throw away my obiang lights (i want LED light!) . you all got any tips anot? don't need prices, just want ideas lor heehee. pictures also very good!!
  13. Anyone has tips on how to save on electricity and water bill anot??