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  1. Try to avoid Ho Kee. Please see my experience and the rest's. Terrible quality and attitude.
  2. Anyone know how to file a complain with CASE?
  3. Suggest never buy from Hoe Kee. They have no after sales services. Bought a tap less than 2 wks ago. The copper pipe broke and got flood in the house. They blame the installation. The contractor install several taps in my house. None of them got issue. They claimed none of their business.
  4. Not matter what kind of product quality, they have NO after sale service. They will only blame you instead of solving the problem. And they said none of their business. Never want to deal with them again. I bought a tap less than 2 weeks ago. The copper pipe broke and my flat was flooding.
  5. Yes. Fully agree. Cannot understand how this type of company survive. According to them, the pipe break is not product quality issue. They only guarantee the tap not leaking. They will only change it once for MERCY. Will stay far away fr them forever.
  6. I have bought a tap from Hoe Kee at IMM on 8 May for my new house. And it was installed by my contractor after that. On 20 May i found the copper pipe was broken and my whole house was flooded. I went to the store, the staff try to blame the contractor at first. Then they agree to change the pipe only. What kind of service is that? Not even replace the tap. They said they Cannot resell. What the **** is that. They want to refurbish and sell. And they did not even apologize for flooding my house. They just said that was none od their business. Attached are the photos.
  7. Hi, I am look for instant electric water heater for my HDB flat. Anyone know where to buy? Does the package come with installation, or I should find a contractor to do it? Thanks in advance. I also heard about mega discount store in Katong mall and united square. Is the appliance they sell really cheap that megastores like courts and harvery norman? Or they just provide a fake price like audio house? Is it reliable? Thanks in advance!