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Found 11 results

  1. Hi guys, I just bought a resale condo of 1023sqft. Currently quite bare with no built-in fixtures (except for the existing wardrobes). Looking to do the following: - Removal of laminate flooring and replacing with parquet for the rooms (total of 406sqft); prob need to hack abit before laying parquet - Installation of Feature wall in living room - Painting of whole house with off-white paint) How much you think this will cost? And if anybody has got reliable ID/contractors to do this? Thanks
  2. Hi, have recently gotten my keys to my flat in Punggol. The flat came with HDB parquet floor finish. Anyone with experience with HDB parquet? Is there a need to put protective layer? Thank you in advance!
  3. May somebody recommend parquet floor laying contractor?
  4. Most interior designers it seems incorporate laminated wooden floors to their 3 bedrooms packages.It can't be by coincidence that they do so.I believe it's due to the warm feeling and cosyness they it bring to the bedrooms outlook,ala resort style.Unfortunately consumers are mostly duped into picking up laminate but the non quality ones as most designers tend to promote China boards due to the cheapness of it but at the client expenses.There are many good quality Germany laminated floors in the market out there namely,Kronotex,Sensa Floors and Krono original which is fairly affordable.Do not be fooled by interior designers who just sales talk.get the facts right and protect your investment,which is your home.Buy smartly.
  5. Hi everyone, just started reno on my brand new bto home. found out that my ID's contractor damaged a pipe and didnt report it, ended up causing my bedroom to get flooded. we opted for the HDB timber floorboards. the leak found its way through the walls and through the skirting, and gradually flooded the place for over 48 hours. i have mopped up as often as i could, but overnight, it would just flood the entire bedroom. how resilient are the floorboards to this type of water damage? does it need to be completely replaced?
  6. Hi, I just purchase the second hand condo and found this contactor from website. st renovation . There are very good in service and quote me a cheapest price in town. when the day I start the job just my own at home and I m unable to shift out my bed and cabinet but there are willing to help . the most important there suggest me no to grind but just varnish when there saw my floor still consider in good condition. so I save some money on that . 93736661 this is the contact no .
  7. Hi guys! I would like to introduce you a non slip floor treatment which I used for my toilet and really impressed me and my husband. I just want to share this to prevent and protect you and your family from the slippery tiles we have. My husband and I highly recommend their treatment especially for owners who have elderly and children at home! Any enquiries you may whatsapp/text Muhamad (8230 5886), regarding flooring that will be compatible to your area.
  8. How "harmful" is an unleveled, sloping floor with regards to installing parquet? (Strictly about renovation works, ignoring concerns about the owners, myself, feeling the house is sloped) Background: We've stayed in the house for a couple of months and the tilting didn't bother us, though visitors who come will sense it. The parquet floor wasn't done well (previous post months ago) and we decided to have the contractor rip up the floor and do-over. The slope is quite significant: 165mm from one corner to another corner (14m).. this also mean to level everything will add that much cement -- is it even allowed to add so much cement? Hence I'm wondering how much sloping can the house "put up with" before it affects the parquet (reason why we rip up the place). Or is this totally unavoidable, a 100% level floor is the best thing to do, everything else is necessary collateral damage
  9. I am getting my resale house soon and the bedrooms comes with Parquet. The house is already 6 years old, What must I do to maintain it? Must I lacquer before moving in? How much would it be roughly for 2 bedrooms? How else to further maintain it? Thanks!!
  10. Dont know what to say..... just discover my room parquet was damaged from water moisture (near the toilet door). Total affect area about 2metre x 2 metre. Parquet is covered with carpet. As i am doing damage control now, wondering if i can DIY and chisel out the damage parquet, and than replace with waterproof laminate, WPC, decking or worst self lay some tiles with cement ? [The damage area is quite small and i have trouble getting contract to do the job]. Update : just got a contractor to access the damage. I was hoping the area can be repaired with new parquet. Was advised to hack out the whole room parquet (than means the built in cabinate got to go too !) and replaced with tiles as the source of water is unknown. Seow liao Any expert advise here appreciated. Thanks.
  11. Sorry for the dumb question, but I'm not sure how much I can trust the contractor(s) for replying along the lines of "it's like that" anymore. Situation is: my parquet is new, laid over previous owner small mosaic tiles. The parquet supplier and contractor inspected and deem the floor "okay" for overlay, thus proceeded. Here's what I thought I'd get when we chose parquet for the renovation: a solid feel. i don't feel the wood on the floor bending/sinking when I step (even on the edge of a piece of wood where it joins to another piece) But that's not what it is now. During renovation, I'd indicated problematic areas (literally an entire walkway). Fixes was done by injecting glue, further grinding, gluing edges using "502" glue, relacquering etc. The fella who did the final grinding say some problematic areas (he's not the original crew) he grind "5 times" and he'd refuse even if I ask him to fix again, otherwise the wood will be too thin and become damaged. I've moved in for a few weeks. There are still many spots that sinks along the joins when I step. There seems to be even new joins where the pieces have "become uneven" -- i actually feel and know when i'm stepping between some pieces of wood. I'm told "glue injection can't fix entirely"... "original laying of parquet, glue slightly not enough"... "not a problem caused by overlay; same might've happened otherwise"... "it takes a long time for the parquet to settle"... "will expansion and contraction".. and i should "give the parquet time, wait for 8 months or so" So, I'm asking is this bull**** or real? Since I have minimal furniture now + built-in carpentry, should I get the contractor to redo the entire parquet (since it is too "thin to grind further"?). Since I can't trust this contractor anymore, who should I approach for a good fix? Anyone who renovated with new parquet flooring pls advice how it was for you (at the beginning, weeks after, months after?)