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  1. I got a Hitachi 3 door fridge with freezer at the bottom about 3 years back and it has broken down a few times. The model is R-WB480P2MS and each time they tell me there is ice formed at motor so motor is noisy. Due to maid's carelessness of leaving it open for more than 5 mins each time. But after repair, it still keeps spoiling. My milk turns bad easily and motor is really loud. Anyone facing probs with Hitachi? Now maid no longer opens doors for long but still, it is permanently spoilt like that. Anywhere I can do trade in or what brands of fridge is better? What kind is better too as in freezer on top or below? I need help asap as I am giving birth soon and needs a functioning fridge.
  2. Which is better (in what sense) and for what purpose? I'm planning to make a black out curtain for my baby's room as she's a light sleeper and is very sensitive to light.
  3. So, any good ones to recommend? I'm looking for night black out curtain for my daughter's room only.
  4. Who will pay if there's waterproofing or pipe leaking defect on my level that leaks to the lower floor?
  5. I read that your bazi kind of affect the kind of house you'll buy also.
  6. My windows starting leaking after my MA got ppl to do a paint job. And it is agreed that it is under the condo's mgt to do something about it. It has been a month and they are not approving the funds, what will you do? Said they're still discussing. I'm pregnant and giving birth in Nov, what would you do if you were me? How to get them to approve it asap as I don't want to have to sleep with wet floors here in the rainy month of Dec. Help!
  7. That's nice, how much was it?
  8. Ok, so far no lizards appeared after I used peacock feather and it has been months.
  9. It cost us about $1500. It good so far, no accidental knee banging. Haha.... and it's made of solid pine.
  10. Is 65daigou shipping cheap? I bought a few times with Peeka but the last incident has left such a bad taste that I am going to switch agent. Please advise on 65daigou, thanks!!
  11. pills

    Bed Frames

    Where did you get yours done?
  12. I got it from Furniture Mall that is near IMM and the shop is called Fantasy Bed. We're oving it so far. No knocks and full of storage!