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  1. Hi Cyn, Very nice decor, able to share where did you get the black chandelier from? and also the fake window frame? it looks really nice
  2. Definitely a right choice no doubt abt it... Guess my blog is collecting cobwebsss.. have not been updating it for the longest time do upload more photos of your reno process!
  3. The long weekend jus passed.. sian to work today.. hahaha.. Been MIA for quite some time, shifed most of our stuff in.. lots of cleaning and unpacking.. pending bed-frames, and lots of furnishing.. if anyone knows where to get nice furnishing, do let me know Since its the 7th month now, its not quite possible for us to shift in, so i have more time to unpack and more time to clean up my house.. Through renotalk, I managed to get the contacts for my curtains and blinds, it was nicely done up.. For my Master Room, pending the arrivial of my Victorian style bedframe and side tables! Kinda excited.. hehe For my Kids Room, nth too fanciful though, we will be putting up decals for his room Will be uploading more phots of my nice dining area soon.. been lazy.. and uploading photos here aint that easy.. My ID wife had taken some really nice photos.. shall upload soon.. tsk
  4. Hi, Mind sharing your contact for the store racking? thanks
  5. Have PM contacts of Mr Foo to those who requested.. if I did not reply you, please let me know .. hehe This is how the top and bottom cabinets are flushed.. the finished product looks like this… and this is how my how my feature wall looks like.. lots of carpentry work done here… and see how it opens up to the doors of our rooms
  6. Oh man, posting here is addictive.. hahaha Some photos for sharing.. After hacking.. my initial 3 bedroom to the formation of 2 bedrooms Check out my selection of tiles! hehe kitchen cabinets…. and my shoe cabinet.. with nice white frames (same as the frame from the kitchen) J
  7. Stinz


  8. Stinz


  9. heh! cos if have 2 doors might block the area for my washing machine.. hehe.. so din consider two doors..
  10. Hi Sarah, Yup!! we level the balcony converted the place to the study.. erm.. nt very sure abt the regulations though.. think i better go read up a bit
  11. Hi jus4fun! hehe, we tot of that initally, but needa walk a bit far to go to the toilet.. so in the end, the toilet door faces the living.. hahaha, though some ppl commented it seems weird and a lack of privacy, erm, but for now, i think i can still take it..
  12. Hahha, I know cos he told us jus the other day! yeah, i'm going to post more photos soon! I'm sure you alr had some sneak preview of my house yeah! hehehe
  13. Hi mishmish Yes, if you refer to the revised floorplan below, you can see that we are also hacker at heart!! Hahah, we hack almost all the walls we can oh, by the way, I’ve been following your reno progress too! Hi jus4fun Yeah, we tot the layout seems weird, the dining room seems a bit out of place.. haha, but our ID has managed to help us fully utilize the space. The completed work is awesome Hi macuser77 I dun think we are talking abt the same person.. hehe, cos from my understanding, my ID only has a home office based in hougang.. and hes also currently working on Bachelorette Pad too! Here's how the proposed layout look like
  14. Been procrastinating to start a t-blog but recently, work is getting a bit mundane.. so might as well spend some time here After viewing slightly more than 10 units, I've finally make a decision and gotten my unit back in Nov 2012 The search for the ID only started after we’ve gotten the keys… kind of evident that my hubby and me are real procrastinators.. tsktsk Basically we are not the arty farty kind of ppl and thus it’s almost impossible for us to think of ideas for our house… we have an idea of what we want, but the thought of looking ard for contractors, meeting up with different ppl.. is really not what I like.. perhaps its due to the nature of my work which has turned me to become an introvert… with that many reasons, we have no choice but to spend more for an ID Well, Renotalk turned out to be not a bad place to start our search for an ID, after going through some IDs, from big to small firms, we have decided to settle with Mr Foo~… I’ve gotten his contact through Renotalk.. there are a number of reasons why we choose him, just to name a few, we thought his way of designing his own house is really unique, he’s accommodating and the strongest reason is because we think he’s really creative and innovative, there are a 1001 things that he can think of and I supposed that’s the purposes of engaging an ID in comparison to a contractor.. and of cos, being able to communicate is a factor that I considered too~ Heh! Think I’ve provided more than enough background. After a number of meetups, our Reno journey began after CNY 2013 J Yes, since Feb 2013 and since nearly 5 mths has passed,you bet the renovation is almost completed.. But, for a start, I’ve attached the floorplan… an attempt to try uploading photos the rest of the photos will come in later… heehe.. and i will make sure i'm going to update this as often as possible..