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  1. Premium fee for 2nd susidiary hdb flat yet not a resale levy? Whats that? Payable by cpf? Couldn't find any information on this. Any advice? ?
  2. Thanks! Pm sent! sent =) Look out for my latest post =) Replied! My painting only starts when Edmund gave me the green light. Hope it helps! Sent! =))
  3. For many that wondered how my hanging rods are like in my WIW, I got them from taobao too. Our inspiration is actually from boutique shops and I actually decide to have this to save cost on pole system which we were quoted for about 6k previously. This is how it look like: And i decorate it with my flower belt ))) Initially i was worried that our clothes will be too heavy for these rods. Hubby ensured me that this anchor bolts (i suppose anchor bolts spells like this based on hubby's pronunciation) can support kilo newtons Link: http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=5621965031
  4. Hi there! Add as follows:- 189 East Coast Road Singapore 428895 t: 63461695 The people there are not friendly though
  5. If you guys still remember that i'm trying to DIY the small curtain for both toilets.. Its finally completed!! And i kinda miss sewing now. Hehe. We recycled the 2 rods that was used for painting, hubby saw them into 2 pieces. Then we bought fabrics from Ikea: Sewing starts =) The look in common toilet: MBR toilet: We used fishing line to tied the rod to the mesh. Fishing line nowadays is so hard to find! We went all the way to Changi Village to get them.
  6. Carpet : http://detail.tmall.com/item.htm?id=2224749913 Bottle : http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=10380469732
  7. Just in case many of you are wondering where's my opening of WIW. Here's the pic! Red = Sealed Blue = New opening. Basically, is changing the door from right to the left side as being this way, the entry is still within MBR. Edmund has change the swinging direction of the MBR door so that the MBR door doesn't block the WIW door.
  8. Hi there! I have never clean the headboard before =X. It doesn't seems to get dirty easily as the headboard is made of PVC. Just realised your project is Meadow, my parents is at Dew. =) Collection of keys should be soon!
  9. I have 3 chandeliers and i only cleaned once with the Magic Clean duster!
  10. Thanks! We love the area there too! To customised a table top is too ex, so we bought ikea shelf to replace as a tabletop!