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  1. For sale is a used Samsung EZON SHS-1320 digital lock as parts. Disclosure for the sales as parts : firstly i have upgraded to another model secondly the SHS-1320 consume battery power after a leak from a set of battery. Otherwise the set is still working properly. New set cost $399 retail. Inclusive is the original Samsung 2 Rfid with hang tag and 2 Rfid with double side tape. This would already cost more than $40 if purchase from dealer. All original screws, temp-plate, papers....etc in the box set. Price : $40 only (self collect at the West side) Interested pls PM or sms me at 81928288 (May not be able to response on Sun due to family outing). Thanks for looking.
  2. Dont know what to say..... just discover my room parquet was damaged from water moisture (near the toilet door). Total affect area about 2metre x 2 metre. Parquet is covered with carpet. As i am doing damage control now, wondering if i can DIY and chisel out the damage parquet, and than replace with waterproof laminate, WPC, decking or worst self lay some tiles with cement ? [The damage area is quite small and i have trouble getting contract to do the job]. Update : just got a contractor to access the damage. I was hoping the area can be repaired with new parquet. Was advised to hack out the whole room parquet (than means the built in cabinate got to go too !) and replaced with tiles as the source of water is unknown. Seow liao Any expert advise here appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Hi guys, if you are shifting and moving. Found some old or damage watches ? Dont throw it away, let me know, i'll gladly collect from you at your convenience. Willing to buy or pay a small fee, if necessary. I will be using them for parts for my watches hobby. PM me or sms 81928288. Thanks for reading.
  4. Dont know if mr wood varnish is closed or not. Tried to call them since last friday and they are not picking up the phone. Their other nos. lead to a fax machine.
  5. Got 3 unframed oil painting for sale. Bought these painting for new house but never got to use it. See below pic for idea. Selling : $60 ea. Interested pls sms 81928288 for collection appt. Thanks for viewing.
  6. Hi Grace tks for yr sms. But think yr price is quite high.
  7. Ohh, 4gotten Sim Lim Tower. OK , thanks.
  8. Hi , i am looking for the below E27 type of 3 x 1W LED bulbs <220V-240V>. Any idea where i can buy them (China Made is OK). I will need about 5 pcs. I had checked w lighting . com but they only have in MR16 type. Some thing like this is OK. Thanks in advance for all the help. sms : 81777262
  9. ---------------- DIY them. Go Ikea , they are selling 9 pcs of 1ft x 1ft decking @S$45.
  10. Palance Lights !!! **** ex !! They were once an icon but now gone !
  11. sorry to hear about what u are going thru. Its a painful process ! The women chapter here are too protective over women. Men needs protection too ! If u are really serious about going ahead. Start yr Q&A with yr lawyer (any one will do) and i believed all the question will be answered. GOOD LUCK.
  12. avoid Courts ! They are more interested to sell u their extended insurance than the products ! Especially the one in Upper Bt Timah !
  13. Ikea leather package is a good products. Try it.... some time it goes out of stock. Wet cloth ...... not reccomended.... it will crack the leather. Detergent.... worst dont try. Colour will fade. Best if use only cloth with little water soak , than use Ikea leather package to maintain.