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  1. I have engaged Multiview Interior to reno my Father in law's home which has not been renovated for the past 20+ yrs.After all, it is his time to enjoy a much cleaner home for his comfort.From the first day the project started, I have requested for an unofficial timeline/schedule of the reno.The supervisor in charge, Ah Tee, refused to give it to me.As I was travelling when reno started,for 14 days I has no clue what was done.As according to quote given, there will be proper laying of cardboard to protect my laminated flooring.But this was not done after the floor has been laminated.When asked, Ah Tee said he will buy a plastic for us.The plastic was so thin that it did not even lasted for a day! Me and hubby had to fork out our own $ to buy the corrugated cardboard to protect our flooring and did it ourselves.Ah Tee did not want to do this nitty gritty task and even shouted at us to say he was only 'supervising' as this was not his project.Grrr ... when we complained to the boss, Barry, he was flared up easily when we mentioned the workmanship was not up to par.Such a gangster attitude of the boss and worker! I had fixed soft closing drawers but the quality was so poor that the drawer was so hard to close.When I then requested to just change back to the normal type of closure, Barry shouted at me saying it is unfair as I had ordered it.I fixed the soft closing drawer in mind of my old father in law, for his comfort, but Barry does not understand this.So to all out there, beware of Multiview Interior.Really regretted spending over 25K for this reno engaging them! Haizz