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  1. Hi, Im looking for HDB toilet sink replacement with customize cabinet. Can adnyone advise where/ who to cotact for such service?
  2. Hi all, One of my kithen cabinet door hinge came off as the part holding on to it is rotted. Any idea if there's any shop that will provide repair/ replacment for only 1 door? Since my Kitchen cabinet was only 2 years old, thus its not logical for me to replace the whole kitchen cabinet now. Please help.... Thanks
  3. Hi all, My kitchen cabinet door rotted thus the hinge came off. Possible to advice carpenter provide such replacment service? Require only one piece. If yes, please PM me or email me. (email:kianhuaog@yahoo.com.sg) Thanks in advance. regards
  4. Hi all, May i check with gurus here, what should i use to fill grouts? Toilet floor tiles are grouts are exposing...dun know what to use to refill them especially its for toilet floor... Thanks in advance for advice.
  5. Hi all, My Bathroom toilet tiles are showing sign of gaps, the grout filling seems to have dropped. May I know what material should i use to fill it up with? Went to DIY shop looking at Selley products and the assistance says that their products there(limited option) are not suitable... Anyone can advice??? Would appreciate brand of products and where to get these products will help. Many Thanks in advance....
  6. Hi all, Im looking for a reliable and price resonable contractors to work on my kitchen. (Just kitchen) Required work is basically to remove the current Kitchen cabinets and redo everything. My location is in Woodlands. Any good contractors to recommend? Thanks in advance...
  7. CRV48

    Diy Brick Wall

    Was thinking of creating a simple feature wall with those peel and stick on bricks. I used to see some of those in Daiso, but now i need a lot more to start my project. Anyone knows where i can get those think bricks that can be stick onto the wall??? Thanks in Advance for the advice....Cheers
  8. Hi all, Having to make a decision what kind of Kitchen Sink to go for, Top or Under mount? Read a lot from forum, but still cant decide. Any with comments for both option? Appreciate all advice/ review. Thanks
  9. hi, i've bought a resale flat and realise that the bomb shelter lock handle is missing. Anyone can adivce where i can get a replacement? and how much it will cost me? TIA ....
  10. Hi all, Went to Meng Design and build yesterday, show room and salesman are okay and expereince to me. Not sure about: 1. Workmanship? 2. Pricing? 3. Keeping to deadline? Anyone engage them before? and comments or feedback???? TIA ....
  11. Think i will contact Mr. Wood Varnish coming week. Smell problem is okay with me since i will be away for 5 days. Will ask my mum to come over to open window for ventilation.
  12. Hi Thanks for the advice, Do you mean they complete sanding/ revanish the whole unit for you within a day? or a room a day? Yes i will be away for 5 days, but my mother who lives a short distance away can come over to help me ventilate the room for me. BTW hows the charges like???
  13. thanks SUYUN, was thinking of going off with the kids for a short 5 days holiday, thus leaving contractors to do up the house... By the way, how many rooms did you revarnish, how long it takes to complete the job and lastly how long it takes for the smelll to go away? Thanks for the PM?
  14. With my headache with my current parquet floor, i manage to search and come across Mr. Wood Varnish Ads from the Web. Feedback was, parquet could be restore with minimum dust and fast with their huge machine. Im very concern about the dust generated and completing the work fast as i have 2 very younf children at home. Anyone tried their service, any feeback? Price? minimum dust? Fast with the restoration? Thanks in advance for the advice...
  15. Thanks for all advice...was advice by a few ID to revarnish existing parquet. Most likely to move out for 5 to 6days( for holiday) and hepefully all will be done by then....