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Found 22 results

  1. Hi all, I hope this is the correct category to post this: Basically I'm the owner of a relatively new BTO flat together with my wife and we got our keys mid last year and moved into our house in feb this year after renovation was done. We had cement screed floor done for the whole house (bedrooms/living room) except toilet and kitchen and this was done by HDB contractor (appealed successfully for cement screeding + top up). Everything was going well for a few months until we were notified by our downstairs neighbor every few weeks that we are making 'a lot of noise' when all we did was walk from a bedroom to the kitchen, or generally inside the MBR. We were also told by our neighbor that we were slamming doors when this was not the case.. Our neighbor has came up several times over the few months we have been staying there to inform us (nicely) that we are disturbing their peace when all we have been doing is walk around.. so we finally arranged a day where one of us went downstairs to their house while one of us stayed upstairs to walk and hear for ourselves and true enough we have to admit it was pretty audible.. even when walking lightly (toes first and not heel first). Then we tried closing the toilet doors and this was also very audible for the unit downstairs. The worst part was when my neighbor also mentioned that he can hear when I put the toilet seat down.. and true enough when we tried putting the seat down (not slamming it down) we could hear a "clunk" from downstairs where it was very obvious that someone put the toilet seat down. We were aghast at hearing this for ourselves, and my neighbor included as they went up to see and walk around for themselves when they realized we were not intentionally stomping our feet or slamming the doors. I'm not sure if it is the combination of the cement screed + their false ceiling that is amplifying the noise so much.. I don't hear the same volume of noise from my neighbor upstairs except for the occasional dropping of items and I have never heard my upstairs neighbor walking excessively loud, closing a door or putting a toilet seat down. The cement screed was done by HDB contractors so I don't know if there was anything that could have reduced the transmission of noise downwards to the downstairs unit. Their false ceiling is hollow (as are most) and might be amplifying the noise.. but I find it highly unreasonable that I can't even walk normally in my house without every step being heard by the unit downstairs. I'm not sure what can be done at this stage.. even if we do raise this up with HDB, what are the physical steps that can be taken to reduce this noise transmission? I don't have a false ceiling installed so I'm not sure if having one actually amplifies noises from upstairs, does anyone have any experiences regarding excessive noises coming from your upstairs neighbors with/without false ceiling installed in your home?
  2. I wanted vinyl flooring for my kitchen, living hall and bedrooms. My cement screed was done at a lower height, shortage abt 7mm - 10mm from my kitchen existing tiles. I was unable to have my vinyl levelled between kitchen and living hall. They have to put on an pvc cap between kitchen and living hall. Is there anyway to fix this? I was expecting the whole flooring to be of the same level.
  3. Hi All, I was thinking of doing overlay of Vinyl Tiles on my existing on Terrazo flooring for my 3 NG resale flat. However, as the existing skirting is the curved kind (common for Terrazo flooring), it is necessary to hack off the existing skirting right . Was quoted $700 just to hack off the skirting for living room and 2 bed rooms. Need advise to know if the charges are reasonable. Also, I also prefer if its possible to overlay without any hacking. Appreciate all good advise. Thanks all !
  4. During the HDB HIP the workers completely wrecked the laminate skirting just outside of my toilet - it's as if they soaked all the skirting in water! Now I need to find someone who to replace the skirting. I tried looking online but no luck finding a company who is willing to do this small job. Can anyone help?
  5. Hi all: I just completed my floor tiles works. My contractor suggest me to do Acid wash. But i checked something and decide not do it. Because it seems that the Acid wash may affect the grout line material between tiles (changing color to white). Even my tiles is light yellow homogeneous and grout material is also very light yellow. i still didn't do Acid wash. Is there any cleaning product can clean the cement marks on tiles? have to without affect the grout line. I searched something like HG things below. I don't know is it really helpful. anything or method?
  6. Hi, need kind advice from experience hands here. I am interested in a corner terrace but icould feel the second floor is slightly slanted and uneven, how do i ascertain if it is not a structural problem ? Do i get a civil engineer or what other options do i have ? And where to engage such expertise ? Thanks in advance!
  7. Hi, my floor tile below my refridgerator was damaged due to a glass cup fell directly onto it. Do you have any suggestion on any repairmen who could help to fix it? Don’t require the final result to be same and marvellous, just able to fix the hole would be good enough. Alternatively (I think it might be hard to get someone just to fix that), although I’m not a craftsman, any suggestion on how to DIY to repair would also be good advice to me. Need to know what materials to get. Thank you.
  8. Great condition Esprit Pixel rug, fashionable and vibrant multi-color block design. Rug is hand tufted with finest quality Acrylic which is thick and soft to the touch with pile weight of 2700 grams per sq/m. Rug has been professionally cleaned twice, to maintain the surface with minimal linting. Perfect for living area or bedroom, low pile and easy to maintain. Dimensions is 70 x 140 cm. Hand carried back from overseas, purchased for S$599. Selling at just $185, strictly non-neg. Self collection only, can view before purchasing without obligations.
  9. Hi I have a Evorich HERF vinyl package to sell. Paid SGD500 deposit, willing to let go at SGD450 due to change in flooring used. SGD 6.80psf NETT including installation No GST and other hidden costs No limit on colours available Direct lifetime warranty on floor board Free coordination with ID/Contractors PM or Whatsapp 8123 0036 for more details.
  10. Dear Home renovators If you are looking for marble installations for your floorings or other needs, do let me know. My contact is onsale@polystone.com.sg. Below is a brief write up about us. Polystone is the marble supplier and installer that has been creating environment with quality and sophistication. Our founder, Mrs May Koh, has been in stone business since 1974. Polystone have since built a solid track record in Singapore and overseas alike. With over 400 products sourced from supplies in China, Greece, Italy, Middle East, Spain, Turkey and other places, Polystone's collection of precious stones is able to cater and fulfill to client's taste and architectural needs. Carefully curated from our procurement team, the collection is set to impress and creates beauty and life into the space. By leveraging on an established procurement network, Polystone is able to bring in products from internationally acclaimed quarries for their clients at a reasonable rate. Polystone is supported with the necessary infrastructure, technology, equipment and human resource. At 40,000 square feet, Polystone’s warehousing spaces holds a large inventory of building materials to ensure the smooth completion of clients’ projects. Equipped with a cutting facility that is always well maintained, planning and procedures are executed in the most efficient and professional manner. These are further backed by dedicated and skilled colleagues who are able to provide professional service for each and every client’s building project. Polystone has been offering the market with cutting edge products and quality service. Progressively, Polystone has contributed to many prestigious projects here and overseas. Polystone serves a wide pool of clientele from homeowners to developers. Polystone is also involved in public and private developmental projects. Polystone is always driven by our passion, talent and 25 years of know how to each and every project we took in. Some success stories as listed below. Changi airport terminal 3 lounge Shanghai mandarin hotel Shanghai garden hotel Raffles city Sentosa Capella High profile families Keppel tower Hyatt Hotel Duty free Shopping centre
  11. Hi, I am looking to get my own flooring for my BTO flat instead of thru ID or contractor. We want to have Vinyl flooring for our 3 bedrooms. Still can't decide whether to have vinyl or tiles in the living room. Any pros and cons of having either one in the living room. I like the look of tiles, the glossy part but I am bringing my 2 elderly parent in laws and they are not really fond of tiles as they find it extremely cold for their feet especially in mornings and nights. Is there any Vinyl type of flooring that looks like tiles ie. have that glossy stone like effect? I have gone to Floor xpert, they quoted $7/sqft w/out GST for their belgium vinyl(quick step i think). Like the textured feel and will like to have it in the bedrooms. Got a quote from Evorich also, about $6.90/sqft and theirs is more smooth. Got another from Innovar...same pricing as Evorich but theirs is thicker. Need advise if the quotes are expensive or is it ok? I saw some companies offering vinyl $4.xx/sqft. Is it the same quality? Or if anyone can recommend good quality vinyl flooring please do let me know. Main concern is price vs quality, toxicity(i have 1 child in the crawling/walking stage and wife might be pregnant with 2nd one), the look(would like to have the 'tile' look or something close to it).
  12. Hi fellows, may I check with you: I've got my entire living room flooring changed (from 1 type of tiles to another). However, after changing the tiles, with respect to the particular tile directly underneath my main external metal gate, the original hole that exist in the ground is no longer there. This hole, is the one that allows the internal shaft of the metal gate to insert into when we wish to lock the metal gate in position. May I know if it's the responsibility of my tiling crew to drill back a hole in the same spot for my metal gate to lock?
  13. Hi All, I just would like to confirm if the above is the new HDB regulation which some of the IDs mentinoed it will start on 1st December 2014 onwards. Currently floor replacement is using sand, and moving forward there are using prepacked screed. The big diif is if were to do both toilets and kitchen flooring. it cost extra of nearly $3k start December of the current quote now. Went to few IDs yesterday for quote on my 4 room flat, and was informed of this new ruling. Hoping some of the seniors here can comments.... TQ!
  14. Hi all, I have chosen to use KRONOs Original hardwood laminate flooring for my two bedrooms. I would like a seamless ending so have spent to hack the existing floor tiles and work is now in progress. I did not intend nor have budgeted to change the flooring of the existing living area. However, my id has recommended to overlay it with the same wood flooring due to: 1) existing condition is not good - very old retro tiles with chipped corners here and there 2) he says they will 'warp' in time after hacking and laying the wooden laminate from the two bedrooms and most important and which I find quite incredilous is that 3) he said that due to the 'hollowness' of the existing tiles, when they do the endings at the joints between the bedroom and living floor area, there will be cracks due to the hacking and they WILL NOT be able to use/find 'matching tiles' to replace and the end result will not look good honestly, I was quite shocked and very disappointed. Now it seems I have no choice but to continue the wood laminate all the way to the living area. He has suggested overlaying it at the living area to cut costs (as I was strict about this unbudgeted item yet i want a seamless joint). I am ok to spent another $1500 just to make it smooth and nice for everyone. However, as I am using a light ash grey for the two bedrooms, it will not look good to extend it to the living - the whole place will look too 'greyish' even though I know grey is 'in' but I'm not going for an 'industrial' look. I wanted to use a brown tone for the living floor that has alot more wood grains on it and matches my cabinets colors...but again, having two different will end up with a 't-joint' that he will need to use at the joints!? So I'm like back to a catch-22 situation any suggestions?experiences? Please kindly share/advise. 3 room resale @ Hougang Reno started - week 1 Reno feature - Hacking of storeroom in place of a bar counter Chalkboard feature and planters above rubbish chute
  15. Hi everyone. I just received my keys and have absolutely no idea where to go to for floorings. I need floorings for bedrooms and living room. My place is 92sqm, a fairly small 4 room flat so I suppose the price will not be too expensive. I kind of like the idea of laminated flooring or homogenous(they are the shiny looking ones like marble right?) I would appreciate if you guys could shed some light, really wonder how much that would cost me... And I heard some horror stories of contractors not delivering works on time. If you guys could genuinely recommend a couple of contractors, that would be very helpful. This is my first home, just hope it would be handled decently... Thank you in advance!
  16. Hi friends, I am new to this forum. Im buying a new resale flat. Planning to renovate with granite flooring in living. My current flat got granite flooring - I am quite addicted to it. I see there is not much information on granite flooring except that it is too expensive and difficult to maintain. But I used granite in my current flat for over 12 years - no problem at all. Any idea how much it will cost? Any reliable ID / contractor who can do the job well.
  17. Hi, My carpenter used small pieces of plywood to level the storage cabinets, kitchen cabinets, and wardrobe base against the floor. Because of this, there is a small gap between the floor and the wardrobe/cabinet. I am thinking of sealing that gap, so that no insects/pests/ants can hide in there. Has anyone done that? What do you use to seal those gaps? Or do you all just leave the small gap as it is? Thanks in advance!
  18. Used small Arco lamp lookalike for sale. Length is extendable slightly, height approx 1.5m, colour dark chrome, with black marble base. Bought for S$200+ two years ago, letting go for only $70 now! Non-neg, some light scratches, self-collect Tampines. Please PM contact if keen thank you!
  19. Hi all, My floor laminates are newly installed on cement screeded floor. When we walk on them, it creaks almost everywhere in the rooms. The ID said it will take time and usage of the floors for the sound to go away. I haven't been able to find anybody asking about this, so I'm wondering if this is such a well accepted fact that there's no need to ask about it, or is this a rare defect? Haha. Any help appreciated, thanks in advance!
  20. Looking to sell this Bayliss Rug. In very good condition. Ideal for small living room sizes. Original Retail Price SGD 900 2300mm X 1650 mm Email : wesley.tan.wy@gmail.com for more information.
  21. How "harmful" is an unleveled, sloping floor with regards to installing parquet? (Strictly about renovation works, ignoring concerns about the owners, myself, feeling the house is sloped) Background: We've stayed in the house for a couple of months and the tilting didn't bother us, though visitors who come will sense it. The parquet floor wasn't done well (previous post months ago) and we decided to have the contractor rip up the floor and do-over. The slope is quite significant: 165mm from one corner to another corner (14m).. this also mean to level everything will add that much cement -- is it even allowed to add so much cement? Hence I'm wondering how much sloping can the house "put up with" before it affects the parquet (reason why we rip up the place). Or is this totally unavoidable, a 100% level floor is the best thing to do, everything else is necessary collateral damage