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  1. Sorry for digging out an old topic, recently have been contemplating installing solar panels over my slopping down roof tiles(mind is not flat roof) but as usual, unable to convince myself for lack of better understanding or relevant information. Has anyone done installation over the last 12 months , i suppose the price has dropped significantly, how much did it cost ?any roof leak problem after installation ? Is the rewiring of on grid setup massive ? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi TS, have you found out where to buy nosing? i am looking for it too. Could any kind bors please help share info as well? I am looking for nosing(like edge protector) to cover up the edge of the small step between kitchen and back yard.
  3. 1800 is the land but you need to consider the GFA , the bigger the area the more costly it will be. But since you have 1800 and 3 storeys, GFA should be a least 3500. You may want to consider redoing your aircon and electrical wiring. Unable to estimate the cost. You should get at least 3 quotes to compare price.
  4. hi, could any experience kind owner here advise how much roughly would it cost to replace the staircase railing/holding of a 4 stories(3 levels) stairs to the modern glass panels type? thanks.
  5. Eyck, expressing my thanks here to you for responding to my PM and providing your valuable advice! Appreciate that.
  6. Hi you are spot on. have dropped you a message separately. Thanks.
  7. Hi, need kind advice from experience hands here. I am interested in a corner terrace but icould feel the second floor is slightly slanted and uneven, how do i ascertain if it is not a structural problem ? Do i get a civil engineer or what other options do i have ? And where to engage such expertise ? Thanks in advance!
  8. Hi, i intend to polish my marble sink top to restore it shine, i know there are some manual polishing pads available for minor marble polishing, any idea where to buy thise items in SGP? Thanks.