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  1. Hi I was wondering if there is a fire rated HDB door that can be installed to block smoke too? My neighbour chain smokes at his door with his front door open, and all the smoke will seep through the sliding windows and door gaps. The neighbour living one level below also likes to burn incense paper in a pot (?) along the corridor. My home gets smoked quite frequently, so I’m thinking of changing the doors and windows for health reasons. I understand my door needs to be fire rated. I have looked up online and it looks like soundproofing my windows is an option for windows replacement, but I’m not sure about the door. Does anyone have any idea?
  2. Here's a follow up: I did put in track lights in the end, but I used tracklight holders and put in LED bulbs with wider beam spread, instead of using tracklights with build-in LEDs. Because of the wider beam spread, I did not have any dark spots in my living or dining rooms. The disadvantage is I have to change the bulbs more regularly than if I used those with build-in LEDs. Hope this helps whoever is looking for the info.
  3. Hi, I had my carpenter rectify the position of the cabinet doors. I saw him take out the screws of the hinges and re-drill another hole to shift the hinges. He did that multiple times. Won't this weaken the main structure and affect the weight it can support? He said it won't affect anything, but I just want to ask since they will, of course, said it is okay to do so. I was wondering if there is anything I need to do, so that the weight of the door will not case the door to become slanted over time. I cannot see the drill holes as it is cover by the hinge plate now. Would appreciate any advice. Thanks!
  4. Hi, Thank you for the replies. They did seal the gaps between cabinet/wardrobe and wall, but not the gaps between them and the floor. I think I will leave it for now, as I read that moisture can seep through unsealed floor grouting to the base of the cabinet and the gap and allow moisture to escape. Am not sure how accuarate this is though, but I would rather leave it than have moisture damage the cabinet/wardrobe base. Thanks anyway!
  5. Hi, Does anyone knows where I can buy coloured grout to do some minor re-grouting repairs? I have visited numerous DIY shops and they only sell white grouting material. Thanks!
  6. Hi, My main gate was badly scratched and dented, revealing the steel colour underneath, after the lockset was changed by a contractor. Is there any way I can hide the deep scratches and dents? I was thinking of spray painting the entire gate, but will matte spray paint peel off easily? Thanks in advance!
  7. Hi, My carpenter used small pieces of plywood to level the storage cabinets, kitchen cabinets, and wardrobe base against the floor. Because of this, there is a small gap between the floor and the wardrobe/cabinet. I am thinking of sealing that gap, so that no insects/pests/ants can hide in there. Has anyone done that? What do you use to seal those gaps? Or do you all just leave the small gap as it is? Thanks in advance!
  8. Hi, may I have the contact of the sub-con who rectified your cement screed wall? I have PMed you. Thank you!
  9. Hi, My unit is undergoing renovations. I'm confused as to when I should set the Opennet appointment and provider appointment for installation of termination point. Does anyone know if the Opennet appointment should be done on the day of rewiring (laying of new wiring) or other days of the reno?
  10. I do not have any experience or feedback, but am also considering the same thing. Just sharing what I have seen so far from pictures on Renotalk. There are dark spots in most parts of the room, when using track lights compared with using a regular ceiling light, where dark spots are usually at the corners. I guess it is due to the narrower beam spread, given they are meant to be spotlights after all. I was thinking perhaps changing to cool white light for the track lights and adding more will help. Though that will increase the wattage and therefore, SP bills (?). Hmm...guess have to give and take. Either live with more dark spots in a room or higher electricity bill or just compromise on design and use a regular ceiling light. Hopefully someone, who has installed them, can give more practical feedback.
  11. Hi, is anyone using Sims kitchen sink from Sim Siang Choon? I was wondering if anyone has any review for it. Is this their house brand? I have shortlisted a stainless steel single bowl (1.2mm thick) but can't seem to find any reviews for their sink. Anyone?
  12. Thank you so much for your reply! I will check out both shops.
  13. Hi, May I know the name of those pendant lights you have installed in your kitchen? I'm looking for them and am struggling to find a name. Thanks!