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  1. Been using this for almost 15 years. First time this problem happened. Now come to think of it, could be because of too much movements or too much force caused by me when fixing the flexible "input" pipe when the rubber is too old already or the white tape gone. At first i thought that was the problem, but after replacing the white tape and replacing rubber, it was still leaking, so end up realizing the problem went further up. 1) Is there any way for me to fix or replace that part? Looks like I'll need to get a spare from Bosch. 2) I am also considering to replace it to a new water heater since its really old. Was thinking of going to CityGas near my place to look for new ones with installation. 3) I am worried that the location of the new water heater inputs might be different from my old one. Meaning there will be pipe works to be done... Any advice?