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  1. Hi, this digital lock serves me well, no issues at all! No english manual was given too so I seeked my best friend's help - GOOGLE. Found this video on YouTube and I showed to the contractor for installation. Installation Guide Samsung Ezon SHS-1320: http://youtu.be/glzr-_Njkq0 Just follow the steps, very simple. Good luck!
  2. Hi ALL!! Sorry for being MIA! I forgot my password and all the notifications went to JUNK. HAHAHAHA. Ok, for quotation, I repeat again - I will not share in details. Please see here instead. http://www.renotalk.com/forum/topic/64006-going-scandi-on-budget/?p=849195 Next, I do not recommend my painter... paint started peeling off! Boohoooo! Don't ask me for the contact anymore ok. Other than that, house is still as good as new, my carpentary no issues, laminate flooring ok (but white is a killer to maintain, take note!). ID - look for Gilbert from Renzz. Just google for their email online ok. Understand that other IDs from Renzz are as good! Good luck! For mobile users' sake, I copy and paste my signature here. My Reno T-Blog: Going Scandi on Budget ID Firm: Gilbert from Renzz Interior Design Pte Ltd (www.renzz.sg) Renovation: 18th Feb 2014 to 29th Mar 2014 Quotation Details: http://www.renotalk....udget/?p=849195 I am going to MIA for a period of time but will revive this tblog again soon. If you have noticed, there are no wardrobes in the house! Hahah. That will be the next phase in 2015. Cya!
  3. Hi again! It's off the shelves, yes, taobao sells too, seen many others imported and asked ID to install.
  4. Hi, yup! I think 30-35 each. They have a smal range though.
  5. Phew! Been away for a while and there are so many requests! Sorry folks! Here is the general info about my dearest ID as I may not have time to check RT as frequently as I would like to... My ID is Gilbert from Renzz Interior Design. Contact is enquiries at renzz dot sg. For details of the quotation, please refer to page 9 of my blog for an idea. ALL PMs replied! Hi Wayan, I used Peeka and Amcon for my TB purchases - fuss-free, hence no idea how to use Taobao Intnl service at all. Sorry! I know there is a "Tao Bao shopping" group in Facebook. Maybe you wanna check there? SuperMama
  6. Hi, I havent finish furnishing the house but the details you asked for have been shared before, including photos. I don't wish to take pain to repost again. Need to trouble you to read through my t-blog! Paisei ah. Hope you can understand.
  7. No flooring, mine was a balance BTO.
  8. Hi, oops I did not engage FSM. You can check with other RT forumers though. My decision to hack is to make the house look bigger and spacious.
  9. Hi folks, I am not so active here anymore so here goes the contact for the painter I engaged. The painter is Gerald, 85222615. Have to call, don't sms/wa as he is an uncle and uses the old type of Nokia phone. Before actual day, must call him to confirm. If you have read my blog, he forgot about my house. However, since he eventually resolved the issue and have had the house painted in 4 hours, I got to respect his efficiency in a way! Good luck!
  10. All PM sent! For quotation, please see the link in my signature. I do not share detailed quotation. Good luck everyone!
  11. Hi, My Philips lights are conventional. You can get them from Philips Showroom at Toa Payoh Lor 1. My friend was working there so I got them at a good price. It will be good if you make a trip there and see the range. They do have LED ceiling lights
  12. Hi Melaniessl ! Really look forward to see another Renzz project! Good deal you have there from Mayer *envy* As for painting, I think Nippon's quote will be the same as Renzz's, isn't it? If cost is comparable, it is advisable to let ID manage the painting process (less pain). Keep posting yaar!
  13. Hi, I only have extra connectors, no tracks.... Try the local lighting shops, not too exp.