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  1. Hi, Can you give me the contact of your kitchen carpenter, please? Thank you.
  2. Hi, Can you kindly PM me Ah Wei's contact? Thank you very much.
  3. Hi Carpenter, Contractors: This is for my parents new HDB studio apartment. Need urgently, in next 2 weeks. To be installed before 31 March. Standard TV feature wall with console. Roughly 2.2m wide and maybe 3m tall (HDB std height). Laminate is ok. PM me rough quote if you are interested to do this small project Regards, Sam
  4. hello.

    kindly share your mover's contact?


  5. Hi Bro, thanks for your honest service at my place in Southaven2 condo. 2 remotes and one fan-light installation.
  6. I spoke to 8 IDs before coming to a decision. There is really a difference between a real ID and a regular contractor. I can give you the contact on one real ID and a regular contractor who says he is ID...meet them and you can immediately tell the difference. Both can provide 3D diagrams. Psf price for carpentry and mansory works are about the same. But the ideas and concepts are significantly different.
  7. Yup, I realised in the end both are not real IDs. Nevertheless, I met 2 other firms. I think they are real IDs. Great ideas and sound in design theories, not expensive. Both can make my place turn into a 5star hotel setting. But in the end, I chose a hokkien contractor because we wanted a home rather than a hotel suite.
  8. Hi, can kindly pm me the Jap system contact? Thanks.
  9. Hi, can also pm me Mr Chew's contact? Tks!
  10. Ok, it status update time.. Roof Terrace: 75% done. Cost: abt $35k Exterior designer did all sourcing and quote comparison for me. I pay him design fees, so far so good. Realised plants can cost a bomb and now very scared they die before I move in. But they are beautiful. Designer got specific plants that can attract small birds. Some twirlers to create a shield to get more privacy from neighbours. Checked today, some twirlers have flowered in purple, nice! Because of cost constraints, here is the final design: Living Area: 50% done. Cost abt $40k a. got marble slab for TV feature wall..realized only need to top up $500 b. because of space constraint in MBR, designer will be constructing a study table cum TV wall (hidden TV, will only appear will a button is pressed) c. using Crestar ceilling fans, got it at $230 for 52" and $270 for 56", regulator at $35 and instalation at $40 per piece. d. downlights, ended up with 40+, realised that prices can be very different. Found KS Lightings, for 13W square glass downlight, only $16 per piece, big ones is $28 per piece. Balestier shops were selling double the price. e. didnt cater for changing all switches to designer switches..estimated cost is $1k f. checked out invisible grilles, didnt like it because must do horizontal lines otherwise must do from floor to ceiling, quite unsightly. Found cheap and good wrought iron grille guy, only $11 psf. g. kids chose their own room colours. Designer got headache from them. h. ordered storage bed, but will throw away head-board. My designer will construct a floor to ceiling bed-header. Dont know nice or not. i. Hand-itchy, when to choose stony tiles to tile up one side of balcony wall. Not visible to condo management, unless they take a helicopter Mover: Found back my previous mover, he gave me a discount and I referred another job to him. Quiet team, wouldnt smoke in my house. Wraps my items with plastic for at least 4 layers..This time, I am getting them to move my piano as well. Headache: how to dispose or give away my bulky items: a. fridge: working condition, got extra one because the apartment I bought came with fridge, I already have one myself b. washing machine c. Cellini TV feature console d. Study table, quite big, 1.5m long I think e. Bookshelves x 2 f. Metal modular rack, 3 levels, 1.5m long, I think. g. Electone, as in organ. Old model but working condition. Outstanding item: buy curtains / blinds. Kids are allergic to dust mites, so, cannot use too much cloth curtains.. Grand plan: Throw a bbq tea party and invite my exterior designer, interior design, mover and their family. Both my designers are conscious about cost savings opportunities and contribute to our BBQ fund. Happy that they work together quite well. Meanwhile: continue to pray...
  11. Finally, selected the designer for interior works! Exterior roof terrace work has commenced by another designer or more specifically a landscaper. It's 30% done now. Just introduced the interior guy to the exterior guy got them to work together. It was an interesting journey selecting designers... Will share more when I have the time.
  12. Hi Forumers, Need certified electrician to add 6 outdoor power points and 6 outdoor lighting points. Do you know roughly how much it will cost and got any lobang? Thanks ! Regards, Samsamwch