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  1. I'm looking for mirrors too!
  2. Hi all, Any idea of where to get cheap mirrors? Not looking for built in or with special measurements from carpenter, just normal full length mirror for bedroom. Prefer if frame is made of wood. For some reason can't find any cheap source here... TIA!
  3. Wow that looks cool. Can share the contact once you decide on your contractor? Thanks
  4. Hi all, thanks for all the suggestions. Just replying to my own thread in case others are looking. I got mine in the end from estore (cheapest of the lot). Just had to pick it up from their retail store after ordering: http://www.estore.com.sg/
  5. Bibliokitty


    Hello, I asked this in another thread but just to share. I got mine from estore in the end. Cheapest of all the ones I called. http://www.estore.com.sg/
  6. Any feedback on EF induction hob, EF ceramic cooker hobs and EF built in oven please? Looking to buy because it's the cheapest but am afraid that it will spoil easily or won't perform as well. Thanks much!
  7. Yeah any idea on prices? Thanks for this, though
  8. Me too! Anyone who has gotten the contact can pls give me, too? Thanks!
  9. Hello! I know there are lots of options out there. But am looking for online options as they should be cheaper. Any recommendations? Probably looking for King Koil or Tempur or Simmons
  10. Hi I'm looking at a similar configuration as well. Can I also please find out what was your package with coolforce? Thanks much!
  11. Hi, anyone can tell me where to get cheap chalkboard paint, please? Must buy sealant first before painting with the chalkboard paint, right? TIA!
  12. Hello! I want to find this industrial pipe curtains, too. Can you please post if you find it? Thanks
  13. Hi all, My contractor has recommended overlaying vinyl over tiles because of the height difference after knocking down a wall. Has anyone done this? Is it recommended? Or will it pop after a few years of use? Feedback is much appreciated! Thanks