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    May I know where I can buy cushion inserts, without the cushion covers? Thanks
  2. With wall-hung toilets and concealed cisterns, is it difficult to repair the toilet even though there is an access panel? Do you need to tear down the wall? Thks
  3. Does anyone know if using wet floor wipes on compressed marble is safe? Will it cause any permanent stains or damage? I'm thinking of getting those made in Japan type of wet floor wipes from Daiso. Thanks for any advice or sharing of experience!
  4. May I know where would be good places to buy contemporary-looking wall mirrors and wall clocks? Thanks!
  5. Thanks, all, for your input. I hv started looking around at potential buys. With the kids around though, progress is slow. Looks like most of my purchases will take place towards year-end. Hopefully prices won't be much higher compared to now One question regarding mattresses. Is it better (in terms of prices and after-sales service) to buy from department stores like Robinsons/Takashimaya or from Simmons/Sealy/Serta galleries at, say, Marina Square, IMM, etc? I understand that different models are sold at different places, but if we compare between models of similar specs, is there any major difference in prices at the department stores and galleries? Thanks
  6. Is there a best time to buy furniture such as sofa, dining chairs and mattresses? One shopkeeper told me GSS is a good time for her shop, as there will be huge discounts. I'm wondering if this is true generally across furniture shops? However, will there be disadvantages buying during GSS? Eg limited varieties? Will appreciate your input. I'm likely to move only early-next year, but I'm thinking whether it is a good idea to buy in advance this May/June if it is more worthwhile doing so TIA!
  7. My ID says that curtains on bay windows will look ugly, as they do not fall all the way to the floor. She recommends blinds instead What do you think? Those of you who have curtains on bay windows of height about 50 cm, do you find them ok or weird-looking? TIA!
  8. Hi, can anyone pls advise how to pack clothes to get ready for moving? Do you just put them in carton boxes? Putting in carton boxes seems kindda dirty leh. How about using garbage bags? Any ideas? Thanks
  9. We are not engaging a mover company. If that's the case, how do we get hold of the new boxes?
  10. Hi, does anyone know from where we can buy new cardboard cartons/boxes for packing stuff? Need to use them when we pack for renovation. Thanks!
  11. Hi, anyone knows from where we can buy new cardboard cartons for packing stuff? Will need these when we do renovation. Thanks!
  12. Sorry, I am not too clear about the terminology. Is "conceal" different from "boxup"? I presume "boxup" means building a simple casing around the pipes to hide them What does "conceal" entail? Something more elaborate? Learning lots here. Thanks!
  13. Thanks for your responses Even if we were to conceal the pipes, we should make sure they are accessible (eg casing can be dismantled easily) so that in the event of a leak from upstairs, the plumber would be able to get to the pipes without hassle, right? Are there any other issues to consider?
  14. Has anyone done this or heard of someone doing this: hack away an entire bathroom, seal up whatever openings there are to pipes etc, and use the space for something else such as extension to a room? The condo which we are eyeing has too many bathrooms and we are thinking of getting rid of one bathroom which is attached to a bedroom. Is this feasible? Are there implications on the residents above or below the unit if we seal up the pipes? Would it be expensive to undertake such works? Any other issues to consider? Thanks for any advice!