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  1. Total price for brick wall is around $2.6k.
  2. Mine is not krono flooring. As mentioned in my earlier post, its evorich HERF.
  3. Hi, I am not sure what is the material for brick wall, its the same brick wall which you will find from Hafary. Thanks Ocean Eleven for helping to answer some of my abandon queries in my t-blog. Hi koori, Thanks for clarifying while i was away. Yes, its only one password for each door and can use multiple rfid though. For my case i place a spare battery outside of my house, its actually sits on the metal case box to cover the back of the metal gate lock. So once its flat i could use that battery. Otherwise, you could change the battery every once a year to be safe, so far been using it for 10 months and there is no need to change battery yet. Hi, I have got it from evorich as well and there was some minor gap but they use the sillicon to cover the corner. It is a must to cover the edges to seal up. I did not take photos of the HERF before they apply sillicon but after they apply the sillicon it was fine.
  4. Hi all, Sincerely sorry for the much late reply, i believe most have started or almost completing with the renovation works but will still answer the questions nevertheless. Hi Gako, mine did not come out yellowish, my rain shower tap is actually copper bronze material. I have been using it for almost 10 months since we moved in and its still good so far. Hi Bibliokitty, mine was a special package with coolforce as my configuration would require 2 compressor which usually others would only require a system 4. As my hb was greedy and ambitious thus he wanted to have a much cooler room for a 4-room. Our BTU was much higher as well, for our exact configuration could look for Cynthia at coolforce and mentioned Sharon and Alan, she would know and could advise you on the configuration. We paid about 5.5k +/- for the package. Hi chewthegum, The barn door and barn door upper track was done by Mr K sub contractor who is doing carpentry for him. If you would like to know exactly which barn door track, you could ask Mr K carpenter's Ah Zhuan to do it for you. Its very difficult to get it from taobao as you might not be sure it could fit the barn door well. Best to get the carpenter to do the barn door with the track for you. Hi lovinhearts, Sorry for the late reply. The herf is from evorich which i think i remember it was durban oak. I did mentioned in my previous post before. Hi ihheng, Sorry for the late reply again. Thanks for dropping by my tblog. Sorry to mentioned but i do not have the aircon trunking and water pipes plan for a/c as it was agreed on with the aircon installers upon our first meetup and installation. Basically we routed from outside the aircon ledge up to near ceiling and into our MBR and passes by on top of our MBR's bathroom and along the corridor and finally ends in the living room. Hopes it helps even though it might be late. Hi bianzi, Sorry for the late reply, the toilet paper holder with a face is bought from taobao, chanced upon that in taobao. Here is the link http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=18403101800
  5. Sorry but i just realised i had missed out the study room which is located beside the nursery. Here is the entrance of the study room, the entrance is pretty small as the corner on the right have been used for our WIW However when we walk in, we still have a small cosy study corner which is sufficient for a super single bed in the future if we would like to convert to another bedroom. While the WIW we could split half of the WIW to open on this side for waredrobe in this room.
  6. Last but not least ..... The WIW (walk in waredrobe) As you can see our walk in waredrobe is located right in front of the MBR toilet which we make used of the study room space to have our mini walk in waredrobe.
  7. Finally Master Bedroom. We did the bay window and tv cabinet at the corner. We might be mounting the 32inch tv at the later stage when after our newborn arrive. We also had the 2 bedside table. As you can also see, our blocks are closely build to one another so we had a blackout solar film in our MBR. Do look for Joey 91088003 and quote Sharon from Fernvale to get solar film price. What is left is the aircon ledge window which we have yet to install the blinder and only merely using an ugly towel to cover it up as we cant drill holes into the MBR at the moment. We bought a ikea roller blind which can nicely cover the aircon ledge window. As you can see, due to fengshui reasons, the ceiling fan is not located in the centre of the room or centre of the bed, it is purposely flushed to the side of the room.
  8. Not sure if this have been shared, our messy Common bathroom. Mirror are from ikea which were good to place some of our toiletries. Nothing much was done for our bathrooms as we thought that since HDB have provided with a useable bathroom thus we could retain its original state only changing the rain shower head, adding the rain shower head, adding the pendant lights and changing the bathroom door to a barn door. However after using for a period of time we realised we should have changed the floor tile and probably could make the wall tiles nicer other than that the bathroom looks pretty plain. Our Messy MBR Bathroom with Ikea mirror to place our toiletries too.
  9. Nursery room to welcome the little one. Could have asked the painter to do it instead. Luckily we had some left over featured wall paint and did it ourselves.
  10. The other view from the living room to the main door : Overview of the kitchen : Corridoor
  11. Hi readers, Sorry for the lack of updates due to welcoming small little one just after the reno. In fact we have yet to do some minor finishing touches for our new home and our little one is on the way and there are certain reno works which we could not do. Here are somethings which we quietly did. This shall also end my of my tblog to record down the journey of my renovation. Thank you readers for staying by my tblog on the updates. Recapping my Living Room We went to Mr K's carpenter and added a aluminium frame cover for our tv console as our little one will be out and would not want her to be meddling with the things inside the tv console. (advise to do a covered tv console right from the start) We mounted our TV to clear space on the surface of the TV console. Gotten a metal pipe to hide all the unglam wires and wirings.
  12. Hi~ As mentioned earlier, i have installed it myself, well, its my hubby who installed it and happend that the carpenter was around and they were curious how it works, so they started helping by drilling the 32mm hole on the wooden door. Here is the installation guide for Samsung Digital Lock SHS 1320 : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=glzr-_Njkq0 Its pretty easy for us but it depends on individual and kind of door. It is not difficult, there is a video to guide how to go about it.
  13. I have neighbours who did digtal lock for the wooden door and leave the metal gate as it is. Some feedback that its still better to get metal gate digital lock and some mentioned that they do not lock the metal gate so it is okay for them. If its wooden door, you do not need to modify, unless your wooden is 2 piece kind. For handle ones will prolly need modify as well. I did not use the handle ones and use back the orignal handle that was provided on the door.
  14. Hi Ocean Eleven, I think i did share the price before. Anyway its $549 for v20 Gateman. You could look for interlock melissa and ask for the same quote as me. Just mentioned Sharon who bought from her in January. Not sure if she might be retain the same price as it is awhile ago. it work out to be cheaper if to get just metal door digital lock. If i get it from else where they will need to purchase bundle (wooden door digital lock + metal door digital lock) which i do not want as i intend to purchase from Qoo10 and the total amount still adds up to be $100 cheaper than getting a bundle. I did not change the gate, they simply modify it.
  15. Glad that it helped. :lol: I got my door from HDB so did not change the door, only got a 2 door nytoh door from my contractor. But the price of the barn door is slightly above the nytoh door. Here is how it works for my digtal lock on my wooden door. Battery usage depends on individual and battery used. See image below : If you googled the digital lock model no. should be able to find more infomation about it Wooden Door Digital Lock Model : Samsung Ezon SHS-1321 Metal Door Digital Lock Model : Gateman V20 [Which is the same as Yale. Yale bought over Gateman]