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  1. Hmm...Warehouse are general good place to go. Quite shiok to go there. Like a whole new world. Is there any directory that list down all the warehouses in Singapore?
  2. lol. What about neighbourhood stores. Some of them carry pretty unique designs. Wonder where they got them from though. lol
  3. Let's share your favourite place to go to look for house furnishing! With the dominating power of Courts and Ikea, I doubt there're any other places that offers that much variety of choices. However, I hope someone can share something unique and nice in some obscure corner of our tiny island. Anywhere to recommend?
  4. Does anyone know where to go to get cheap furnitures? Best if got many choices too.
  5. Hi. Has anyone engaged the service of ID before? How do you find it, as in the quality vs the price? Im not sure of the rates but from what I heard, the price is quite high, about 3-5k. Pls correct me if I'm wrong. I'm looking at a 4room HDB flat by the way. If anyone has past experience with 4 rooms or 5 rooms HDB using ID, pls enlighten.
  6. Hi. Have anyone employed the use of ID for a 4 or 5 room HDB flat before? Can anybody tell me whether is it worth it to employ their service? From what I heard, they don't come cheap.