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  1. Pink, you probably shipped via sea right? 10 days from your date of order, or from payment to agent to have it shipped out? i'll bet it's still way cheaper than getting locally.
  2. i think any bulky wood carpentry will be flat packed auto. doesn't make sense to ship assembled, cos it's too difficult to pack it that way anyway. it's always higher of the 2.. so for such items, actual weight will usually be cheaper.
  3. anyone know if they accept credit cards in those JB shops?
  4. oh i'm not so worried bout slight variance in prices, will just go to the easier one. However, if either has KDK standing fans, then i'd favor that one cos i need 2. But not sure if the stand fans are lots cheaper than those here.
  5. anyone know if YES or Tampoi has standing fans too? If not where to get the KDK standing fans cheap in JB?
  6. aiyo another agent... haha keep signing up for 1 agent, then someone suggest a cheaper agent haha
  7. hmm is it cheaper at YES or Tampoi?
  8. We went looking around for vanity cabinets locally, but one small sized vanity already 4-500, before even buying the mirror, so thought that was abit crazy. Now I know alot of people but auxilliary items like taps/lights etc.. But i'm seriously considering vanity cabinets too cos they're just so much more affordable. A 1m long cabinet with mirror, sink, side cupboard tap etc in a nice design for like 200+ SGD. All this i'll buy through an agent like 65daigou of course. What I'm worried about is shipping cost. These items I think will be huge, I'm sure it'd be flatpacked to assemble ourselves here, but with all that material, i'm not sure if it's feasible? Anyone been brave to ship back such items too? Can advise ballpark figure? if not feasible, any more affordable local options? Thanks all! If i can get some confidence I can order soon cos renovation already under way. Appreciate any help guys!
  9. I'm more worried it'll be expensive. I'm considering buying vanity cabinet from Taobao.. not sure what kinda shipping costs there'll be.
  10. HI all, where would be a good source to find apron sinks in Singapore? Looking to place in the kitchen. Thanks!
  11. HI Bro , can you please advise on the amasco 2 blade fan? how powerful is it? and is it enough for a HDB 4m living room? and also cost heh... also can advise on ceiling fan placement respect to downlight placement to prevent strobing effect? and any other fan that is suitable for living room size...but without lighting kit.. I don't like those fans with a big central mount, find them so bulky. Thanks!!
  12. Lannywin, just had the idea to platform the area at the hall MBR as well for the same casa 4rm flat!, probably not so high though.. would you mind sharing the quote for platforming that size area please, it'll be a great help! Cheers!