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  1. Wow, it has been almost 3 years since I posted here.
  2. Haven't visit this forum since '09 ... so different but good to be back.
  3. Hi Rendell

    Could u pls PM me yr shower screen n toilet door contact? This.

  4. Haha ... imagine a can of coke worth $10 when you have breakfast at the nearest restaurant. Two prata kosong $16 ....
  5. From my personal opinion, if the 50% COV is enough to cover the 1 mth rental, I would not ask for the rental. The seller may be really short of cash, that's why they agree to lower COV by 50%. They will be grateful to you forever if you will help them tide thru and you really wouldn't loss out and have good blessing. However, you have to make sure they are liable for all damages and utilities incurred during that period.
  6. I mean I was learning secretly from you .... tracking all your posts .... haha
  7. Didn't know mobile banker was the worst ... always thought bankansurance officer is bad.
  8. Window contractor, but you can call locksmith to try.
  9. Actually, I am training under phantom to become a guru in investment. You should really buy him a meal to "squeeze" some tips out of him. 2 months back, he mentioned he wanted to sell everything (including his house) to buy shares ... all the stocks he mentioned double or quadruple since. (I am not kidding)
  10. From experience, if I treat it like a gambling game and punt blindly .... almost 90% chance there will be loses. Even when I did necessary calculation and effort, the probability of losing is still as high as 25%. So there are still chances of losing all your "pot" if you are looking for short games and inconsistent in your strategy.... just like playing shares. Play small small and long long, that's my advice .... P.S long long does not mean holding on to a trade, it just means staying focus and dedicated to learning and investing.