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  1. Hi, Did you manage to find anyone ? I have to get some similar stuff done and I cant find anyone. Thanks
  2. Very precise instructions. Thanks. And oh yes, banks are giving a 90% loan, but of course that is subject to your financial situation.
  3. Phantom, as long as we take a bank loan , the bank ARE gonna have the last laugh. The banks have only to benefit unless we default and the price of the property decreases....like the US sub prime crisis. I do not exactly understand your point 1. Why can't i refinance and why can't banks value the porperty ? I am assuming the refinancing option after lock in is over. Appreciate if you could shed some light on your opinion.
  4. Lucky you ...found the unit already. Congratulations. I have been looking for so long..still can't get what i need. Back to the question - You can just call up the banks and ask. They will even give you approximations on the monthly installments based on your amount and loan tenor. Ask them to email it to you. Don't be afraid to ask questions and approach as many banks as possible to get the best deal.
  5. Thank u. I plan to buy a resale condo. The other thing is that i expect the condo price to be funded through the bank loan. I have already checked with 1 bank and they are willing to offer a 90% loan. if i understand correctly. i would have to pay the following in cash. 1. 5% of the condo price. 2. stamp duty - which can be later taken from CPF ? For the remaing 5%, i should be able to use my CPF ? Of course i wouldn't pay the initial 5% till i have the in princple approval.
  6. Hi, If I were to buy a condo with a 10% loan from the bank. How much would I need to pay from Cash and CPF ? I believe its like a minimum of 5% cash + 5% from CPF Stamp duty - can use Cash or CPF ? Are there any other fees ?
  7. I bought mine from a shop in furniture mall for 800...sorry forgot the name but the shop is quite prominent if you go there. Also if you want those ethnic traditional design ones you can check those shop at Arab street. Be sure to bargain if you go there, the Afghan guys ther are quite persistent salesmen.
  8. My toilet same as urs drain between basin and WC. My id devised sort of a curb for the shower area and made a water outlet inside the curb. From the shower area emptying in the drain so the rest of the toilet doesn't get wet. But sometimes the water will get accumulated in the shower area and take a minute or so to empty because of the curb.
  9. I think the prime one's come with Multipoint access. Not very sure though.
  10. Tecno 8228 - After few days of usage 1. Heating is ok. Have to use max heating and reduce the flow if very hot water is required [Not really sure of measuring instant heater heating as in the past I was using a storage heater which used to super heat the water] . One thing I am sure of ..its not bad at all for me. 2. Comes with 5 shower modes . quite cool. Water pressure is fine(I live on mid floor). 3. Looks all right. I would say better than most instant heaters.
  11. The cost was around 1000 for both batrooms including the tiles. Also my flat was 6 yrs old and I had the contractor check the current situation before deciding on the overlay. Will try to do that, but I rather hope there's someone out there who has already done a overlay long ago and can post his comments.
  12. I saw someone selling this for half the price on the sg-reefing forum. Its used for a long time but still under warranty, U may wanna check. http://www.sgreefclub.com/forum/index.php?...ainbow&st=0
  13. Sorry, I dun remember so well bcoz it was all part of the reno package....just that it was much lower than hacking. I will try to dig thru my papers and see if I can get the quote.
  14. hi wtg, Dun remember correctly ...think it was 899 in courts but a fren told me its 845 in mustafa. cheers
  15. I got for around 40% discount, and yes u r rite it doesn't hv steaming ...I am sorry my wife cooks most of the things ...by myself ...i just and made bread after watchin too much of Jamie Oliver shows