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  1. rummi

    Fabric Cloths

    We use fabric sofa (Barangbarang, and Celllini).. Ours is easy : Remove, into washer, into dryer, back to sofa.
  2. Go down everyday - A flat/apartment finishes in 3-4weeks, no defects after handover. Go down randomly - Contractually 4weeks, but delay another 2-4weeks. Defects still not cleared by handover time. Go down only when they want to claim payment from you - Hmm...
  3. Cat-traps aka spikes are from DAISO. White mesh u can buy from places like Homefix, then cut and tie to gate yourself. Bamboo chick, i did together with my bamboo blinds on balcony... many contractors can do for u, no need any particular one Send u a message on pic.
  4. I know this dilemna We put up bamboo chick between the living room and balcony. The windows came with ledges outside, and are laid with spiky cat-traps from $2-dollar kind of shops. Main gate has white mesh on the lower 1metres, attached by cable-ties, and not terribly bad-looking.. So far so safe Hope this helps.
  5. Browning is easy I found the trick to it. There is a black tray that u can insert to elevate your baking. Use that and turn to 220 at end of baking. Muffin's crispy top however, depends pretty much on recipe. For example, recipes where I do rubbing of butter will give crispy tops. I usually bake at 180 too.
  6. Im waiting for the installation but will like to share with you what we have in mind - Run the mini-trunking above the skirting, not 'too bad' if the route is only along one panel of wall.
  7. If u are still in Singapore, then get it in Spore la. They have a consular office at novena. Pay slightly more, and collect within two hours.
  8. Anyone uses a breadmaker in the house? Wat brand and model do u use?
  9. Good for u My set is 3yrs old liao. But nothg damaged, haiya, so very wasteful to replace tho i got 'tired' of looking at them liao. Haha
  10. Corelle frequently (or is it always) have sets, which is fantastic deal to buy.
  11. Girth is measure. That means 'no' to your question.
  12. This one, my style Where and how much? Share pls.