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  1. after looking around for a reliable and reasonable curtain makers , i finally decide on MGL curtain and finishing . May Cheong who attended to me was very good . not only she gave us to choose the design we want ( so many of them ) , she give ideas , pros and cons and tips on how to wash or take care of the fabric . the price was by far , the best knowing that May gave all her best to serve us. I highly rec her to all of you . Was thinking of those curtain makers who can bring their catalogues over at your own comfort home but how much can a person bring to show you ? so yeah .. May was my final decision .
  2. yeah manage to get a corelle set during their 12% rebate sale on 10 feb . and im so happy to know that the design i wanted also came in a set of 15 .
  3. yes they are having 12% i think its on the 10th feb .. you have tangs card ? it close till 11 pm .
  4. madrose

    Curtain Pricing

    i think the price they quoted is base on the fabric that you choose , by metre . in my experience sourcing out for the best service and reasonable price , i highly recommend you to May Cheong from MGL CURTAIN AND FINISHING at eminent plaza , lavender . i get to know May from this forum too as i read a lot of good feedbacks about her and true enough , May was good . as my husband do not understand the difference between day and night curtain , May explained everything to us patiently . she showed us a lot of catalogue unlike other companies , who are restricted over the fabrics . Mgl offer a wide range of fabrics . the good thing about May was she gv us tips and pros and cons . whether its easy to maintain or not . and their price is within our budget . she quoted my living room - day and night curtain , room 1 and 2 - night curtain , master bedroom - night and string curtain for $1370 . unlike other places where they can go as high as $4600+ (King and King's Wong) and J&S at $3800 . i wouldnt hesitate to make a new set of curtain with May again the next time
  5. i went down after being recommended by a friend but much to my dismay , my husband and my mum who accompanied me wasnt satisfied with the service rendered . the Id was so slow and he didnt know what to do . the id couldnt quote us on the spot when most other firm are able to . by the time he called us to come down , we already sign up with other fim who give good service and reasonable price .
  6. thank you rummi . will check it out on tangs 12% rebate soon ! then its worth to buy
  7. hi shaney base on my experiences (as my living room is starhub and my room is mio ) , i have the opportunity to compare both . MIO tv is really bad . not does it only hang and it gets worst when its hanged for more than 5 minutes making me shutting the power off . starhub channels are way much better than mio and doesnt hanged by far . hope this helps .
  8. hi i was thinking of getting a corelle set for our new home . heard that its break resistant , microwavable too . whats your experience ? thanks
  9. Hi went around to many places . from ikea to courts , novena , cellini , furniture mall and almost everywhere but finally settled for the one that we like most which is from UNIVONNA . the sales person who served us was Kenneth and cindy . they are very friendly . we bought not just because we love the Oxford sofa but also because of their reasonable price and 5 years warranty . the fact that kknowing their factory is in singapore made me feel much secure too .
  10. madrose


    i am one who is particular in everything especially service when it comes to shopping . so i did a recce around a few shops before making my final decision . the quotes are for : living room : day and night curtain master bedroom : day and night curtain walk in wardrobe : night curtain guest room : night curtain MGL CURTAIN AND FINISHING : $1370 the person who served us was May . i called her a day before to make an appointment , just to make sure thats shes around . its through this renotalk forum that i get to know the existence of MGL and a lot of good feedbacks about May . and indeed she is **** good ! very professional and patient . give us a lot of ideas , pros and cons of choosing the different type of fabrics , tips in handling the curtains and explain to us every single detail . its very informative as my spouse initially do not understand the difference between day and night one . MGL has a wide range of designs and fabric to choose. KING AND KING'S WONG : $4659 service was averagely rendered by Doris . she give good suggestions but however they dont have wide range , although all their designs are gorgeous. the price is also very expensive . MEGA CURTAIN : $1900 as recommended by a friend , i should be looking for mr tony poh , but he was on site so mr k.t attended to us . he rushed into everything. from choosing the design to giving us the quotation and closing sales. i just dont like. JIMMY TEXTILE @ JOO CHIAT COMPLEX : $1480 didnt talk much , just calculate seeing our floor plan . the price they quote is base on $25 fabric. JIMMY TEXTILE @ TANJONG KATONG COMPLEX : $1077 the lady who serve us wasnt willing to serve us 100% , knowing that we just ask for quotation . just to lazy to entertain . she said she gv discount from the $25 fabric to $18 . J & S DESIGN @ TANJONG KATONG COMPLEX : $3800 didnt give us much tips and ideas . Kim TEXTILE : $1690 not much variety. H&M decor : she estimated $1300 or less. didnt even bother to calculate . We made a conclusion to go for MGL may . shes the best person by far . heard that their workmanship is also good .
  11. hi guys... i've read a lot of recommendations for mr chew (doing curtains). Does anyone has his contact number? Me and hubby looking around for curtains for our new 4 room flat. Thanks ya!!!!
  12. hi i heard so many good reviews on Mr Chew . can i have Mr Chew number please as i need it urgently for my new house . really appreciates !!