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  1. Hi Cher.. First time to read yr t-blog. Its really amazing how your reno turn out ...Well Done !!!! I have tons of questions to ask you and my husband jokingly said " why dun you juz pay them a visit" Can I ??? How did you manage with no casing throughout the whole flat ?? How to hide the aircon trunking and cables for switches ? I want to know what's the layout of both the toilets n WIW ? I love your iron gate n main door ...where can I get them ? Oh dear...I love your reno...
  2. Hi Gorilla... Which part of AMK are you ?? 1xx,2xx,3xx,4xx,5xx,6xx,7xx... I am at &16. Its old but we can't resist the location and convenience of this place. Hope to see you around ... Anyone else in this neighbourhood ??
  3. Hi... Wow..started my reno blog here 3 years ago. Never thought I will be back again We sold our 1st lovenest before actually enjoying it. Haiz.. Put up with SIL for 1.5 years and now finally, we have our own place again. New Home : Ang Mo Kio Central Point Block Size : 5I Age : 30years Valuation : 530K COV : 50K 1st appt : 19apr2010 2nd appt : 26jun2010 Seller would rent from us for a max of 4 months and we have agreed. Hopefully they can get their new place ready and move out asap. At the meantime, sourcing out on materials, designs and "stealing" tips here you guys here. Cheers
  4. Hi.. Eager to know, if hubby and wife are going thru separation but will be collecting keys to their new HDB flat. 1. Do they have to wait for 5years before can sell ? 2. Who has the right to live in the property (both party willingto pay for mortgage) ? 3. Can one party take over the flat now if over he/she <35years old ?
  5. Thanks for all your contributions. Like what most pple said, as long as we are happy, doesnt matter how much COV paid. Collecting the key to our flat end of this month...Time to Hack the whole place down..YEAH !!! Look out for our reno-blog soon !!
  6. Is this a reasonable deal ? I paid 50k COV for my new place @ amk central.
  7. Dear all.... Thank you for your suggestions. I have successfully enjoyed my party. Wine and cocktails. Salty plum and lime juice with ice - i bot this from JB and guests simply love it. Oni cost M$7.00 per bottle. 1 bottle can mix up to abt 4litres. Something different fm the usual ribena or oj. Caesar salad w bacon bits and croutons Celery,carrot,cucumber sticks w dip Curry chicken w baguette Laksa White popiah Choc Fondue - strawberry,kiwi,marshmello,banana,cherry tomato,grapes BBQ items chicken wings stingray squids satay sweet potato Every one had a great time, wrapping their popiah, prepare their own laksa and bbqing.The curry was a hot fav as well. But the caesar salad wasnt popular.Choc fondue was loved by kids... and they created a great mess with the choc dripping around. And the next day, i spend half a day cleaning but it was worth it. If you have any party food recipe to share, please post it in this thread. I will be v happy to try them out.
  8. hi...i will be holding my housewarming soon. As its going to be a whole day affair, i was wondering how can my guests enjoy the food no matter wat time they arrive. I am planning now and I need your comments. This is my menu : DIY drinks DIY salad DIY popiah DIY laksa Chicken curry w bread Fresh fruits w Chocolate fondue DIY drinks - juices and cocktails Guests mix their own cocktails. I am providing gin,vodka,baileys,port,whisky,brandy etc and mixers. Or enjoy wine, fresh juices or lemonade dat i can prepare before hand.. DIY salad,popiah and laksa Only the necessary ingredients will be prepared.Guests will DIY whenever they want to eat. Fresh Fruits w Chocolate Fondue fountain for dessert. Anyone tried to do it tis way before ??
  9. Hello.. oh..i really miss the prep time for my wedding. Our wedding favour was hairdryers printed with our names and wedding date on it ! As our wedding theme was black and white, we bot black n white pokka dots paperbags to hold the dryers. Our guests were amazed and we r sure they will value our wedding favours as well... Try to get a memorable gift for your guests and they will definitely appreciate your effort.
  10. Hi storeberry I bought this when I was in Hkg. Costs me about S$40...
  11. I believe the quality of the sofa goes with its price as well. Buy something you feel comfortable and not juz cheap. Sofa is the next most used item in the home besides our bed. And its for your guest to enjoy and relax as well.No point to have a well renovated hse with a lousy sofa.
  12. I m selling my black chandlier. If you are interested, can refer to Garage Sales
  13. I like this Black Granite Top !
  14. Anyone know where to get wine charms ?