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  1. Hi, May i know how much your contractor charge you for overlaying tiles in the bathrooms & kitchen? Can you overlay tiles on walls too? I am thinking of renovating my apartment.
  2. Hi I'll pm u the numbers. Check out their website www.sinyickseng.com for products too. There's another supplier at Depot Road. Can't remember the name, -... seng too. Check Saturday papers, always advertise. If u do get anything from them, could you update the rest of us about price? I should need to get mine soon. cheers
  3. Hi Brainstorm, How much did it cost to redo your leather sofa? Lorenzo reupholster? Thanks.
  4. Hi both, may I have the contact of your alarm system supplier? Been looking around but am quite lost. Thanks.
  5. Waah so ex. You found anywhere else? Don't really know the difference but it's true outdoor blinds have a layer of laquer and I think the bamboo is also stronger. Ikea ones quite thin isn't it? Like made of different material. But then if on a budget, can try lacquering.
  6. Seems bamboo blinds come in indoor and outdoor type. I have seen some houses using these on patios. Perhaps you would like to check out this shop at Tiong Bahru. They have a website (can I name it?). I have nothing to do with them. (Received a flyer in my letterbox) p.m. if you want the name.
  7. Well aware that everything needs maintenance. Have been running a household for a long time so know how tough it is to have to do so much cleaning etc. Now have to ensure that the new reno is functional and practical so as not to get headache, heartache and backache.
  8. Hi Hasibee Thanks for sharing. Ya, white is very nice but from what I read from the posts here, I think I am quite certain I will not choose white countertop. I am very lazy leh, don't want to be slave to the house. Think I will take granite as the coloured solid tops are also difficult to maintain.
  9. Hi Have not done something like this myself but hv used a shower/tub with screen like the pic in ur top post.(shower screens popular in Europe) You know, that little screen is not good enough to keep water in but anything bigger sitting on the edge of the tub may make ur tub like a showcase. May be better to use a shower curtain and you can just push it all the way to one side when using the tub. I am sure you would want the feel of more room. Or unless your toilet is big enough have the screen/door built like 2 or 2half ft away from the tub so that u can hv the shower in that area. Where is ur doorway? The idea of having translucent glass instead of solid wall on the other side is also good - won't feel claustophobic. Fixed panes will do isn't it? Cheaper. This is what I think lah, groping around with my own reno too.
  10. I AM SO SORRY EVERYONE. After my thread got relegated to the back, I forgot where I post. Just saw it again today. But I badly needed to hear it from you ppl esp. those who did the white tops. So, white solid surface is the popular choice, aesthetically nice but needs much more maintenance. Hmm, is there no such thing as like a sealer to protect the surface? If I use this, I'll probably be in the kitchen alot more - CLEANING it. Black solid surface - leaves white lines when scratched. In other words, must be very careful. Out of the question for me cos the kitchen is a "high traffic" place, cook everyday, well almost. If I use this, I'll probably be going "don't put this here, use a coaster, don't push the pot, you'll scratch..) Granite - seems like the best among the 3 for me then. Cos don't want to be nagging and cleaning all the time. The rest of family probably won't be pleased with this decision (they like white and so do I) but I guess practicability comes first. Thank you very much.
  11. you're right. Too bad we (mist. dizzy.odie & I, what! 4 already?) have to pay to learn. Mist - Mine is white in colour, a never-heard-of brand. Must be the same since we bought from the "VERY BIG" supermarket. I remembered the sales guy said it's made locally. Hmm.. our products are that bad huh? You're right odie, better change cooker than to waste rice. Happy shopping all ! (and stick to trusted brands) haha ARCHer. Our electric rice cooker also dont need to stir but must close lid but end result worse than cooking on stove. Thanks for the tip though. Actually, I forgot how to cook rice over stove. Will try it sometime. Will be useful if there's no electricity. Cheers.