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  1. For your information only (final decision is still you) Not sure if you are into fengshui, as one of the bedroom bed is facing the door. (http://fengshui.about.com/od/fengshuiforhome/qt/bed_placement.htm) And for your other bedroom the study desk is beside it. If need to put any electrical products (PC, laptop, TV etc etc) will be good to put your desk on the other side of the room. if best do not put in room. (http://fengshui.about.com/od/fengshuiforhome/qt/bed_placement.htm) Ceiling fan try not to put in the bedrooms. Reason is when we sleep, our nose and mouth is facing the ceiling. Do when fan is on for 6 to 8hrs the air will flow into the nose and mouth. when days goes by or months will affect health. (Note: if you wise to still put the ceiling fan in the MBR please place your child / infant away from the ceiling fan. Do not directly below it.MBR bed should not face in front of the toilet door. Will affect health due to the "QI" (http://fengshui.about.com/od/fengshuibedroomquestions/f/feng-shui-bedroom-bathroom-door-toilet.htm) Hope it helps. Cheers
  2. Would you good that state the pricing individual. One lump sum is hard for us to see which area is more expensive. Likewise on what you had mention anything you had miss. Would be good you write down a list that you need for your renovation. Do not engage an ID or contractor without knowing what you want to do. As if there is any additional things need to be done in the midst of renovation then will affect the flow of the schedule of the renovation and more charges will be credit in. So do a list on what you want to do and then try to get quotation from various IDs and contractor.
  3. for air-con as mention from Contractor Price, do get quotes from outside. They offer a wider range and price. if you are keen in air-con and LED lighting do pm me. Can pass you the contacts and compare if you want
  4. Would be good you check with them. Ask the receptive IDs to show you the difference quality of the material. Have a feel of it. Ask them to let you have a look and feel the actual thing.
  5. From the 2 quotes, which one you feel more comfortable with? Quotations?Quality of materials?Workmanship?Meet to your expectations?
  6. Do upload pictures (different angle) / Conditions / Year brought.
  7. Just forget about this quote and get another one. Too many hidden charges. From the looks of it they just anyhow quote.
  8. It will be good to state in the list. As once sign they can turn the words due to it is not in the list.
  9. I do agree from Contractor Price. It is too pricey. suggest DrAn to find more quotation rather then asking back on him. Grab a few more quotations and you will be able to see the different. As for Quartz or Iquartz the quality is great. Yet to take note on where is it from.
  10. Masonry Works supply & overlay Homogeneous floor tiles at kitchen - $2600 supply & overlay Homogeneous floor tiles at Main toilet & Common toilet - $1750 construct shower curb at master toilet. - $225 Understand from what you had mention is resale flat. And if you overlay tiles on respective area as above will it pop up in the long run? As kitchen most are fixtures. If anything happen it will cost you another big hole in the pocket.
  11. From the question regarding on the finding of IDs. Yes you can check with various IDs and seek for quotation. If the IDs required you to pay some fees before giving you the design then you can just drop that ID and find others.