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  1. Hi, able to share contacts for hacking services as well? Thanks in advance
  2. After all the spraying. will come the hacking so it's messy. my reno quote me this. saying it's the best way to remove the old paint work thoroughly. Just wondering if anyone did it before? thanks
  3. Hi, have anyone try using/ asking his/her reno contractor to perform a water jet spray to clear off those peeling off paintwork on the wall as well on the ceilling before actual hacking and reno commence.
  4. Go walk around and see see look look! Best deal reno is not the best reno. that ID must be reliable and also you must find him responsible. if he come late or excuses many many.. u know la.. ur simple 3rm reno will take months like building a castle.. CHEAP does not mean GOOD! EXPENSIVE does not mean GOOD too.
  5. So is mike still around or he chooses his businesses? is sunny that "GOOD"? better then mike? was thinking of sending a mail to him to see if he is keen to build my "Atap" house.
  6. If mutual trust is to be trusted? will there be this thread. smell fishy here. ANOTHER CONTRACT? U ready to sand down to big trees to two matchstick? if i were you. just let them sell and don sign any more. what u sign maybe the OTP. and get all agent to hunt a flat for u cos winner get the deal. ANYWAY! GOOD LUCK-sanding...
  7. good luck to u! sound like sanding down a tree for a matchstick to me.
  8. I dont think it's HSR. Think it's their agent. from LA's quote. can see that the agent make false claim. on 20K. will the agent do it? anyway. I am uncertain that HSR will make claim from you guys. cos I believe most of the so call advertisement is done by agent. so.. AGENTS vs SELLERS!!
  9. So what if you guys did not sign? they are claiming on the fact that they have clinch a deal that is stated in the contract that they are able to find a buyer for your house at the price stated. so they have fulfill the contract signed and selling price. so there is a CASE!!!
  10. for CASE, you will need prove. best is meet up with them and ask them to do a written black and white letter with both parties signature so you guys can go to case or SAEA. Even if it a makeup story, the agent will feel the heat, they might write (if they really did not claim that statement) and might not wanna write (given the fact, they might have claim that ugly statement). Anyway, if they know about you requiring the letter in exchange for the exclusive crap again.. they might withdraw and let this thing a rest as their rice bowl is on the line. NEXT YEAR, they will get points deducted. then again. will company assist them? fight for them? I doubt so. given the amount of headcount in the company.
  11. Anyone done this b4? my TV console. just doesnt seem to match current walls and the lamination of the console is old. I still want to use the old console as it's made of solid wood. so I need service like a relamination of all the inner shelving and the whole exterior. would like to slightly mod with glass door. will this cost a bomb? or should i get a new console? anyone???