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  1. Hi, Do you mind sharing contact of the carpenter and contractor? Thanks!
  2. Hi, Mind sharing your contact for the shortlisted and chosen contractor? Thanks!
  3. Nice house! Love that suggested study space. Do you mind sharing Contractor C's contact and quotations as well as a guide for me. thank you!
  4. Hi! Mind sharing Contractor 1 and 2 contacts and the company? thanks!
  5. wow gonna follow your blog closely. loving the updates so far btw, do you mind sharing your quotations and ID no. 7? Thank you!
  6. Hi, do you mind sharing your quotations? Also for the overlaying of tiles for the bathroom. thank you
  7. Hi, do you mind sharing J&E's contact and grilles contact? Also, would appreciate if you can share your reno quotes/summary. Thank you!
  8. Hi! Loved the whole outlook of your house. Really nice! Can you share the shortlisted contractors and your selected contractor's contact? Thank you!