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  1. Dear all, really slowly being driven up the wall by current ID so not sure if I'm biased. Thought I would ask your advice as my own social media group, blog readers etc are now very negative towards him based on my reports that it's no point getting any more opinion from them. So I understand that when you get a kitchen quartz top sample, it's a very small piece and so you won't know how the whole thing looks like. Risk understood, and accepted. 1. Can you have a look at these photos and tell me if these brown marks are normal in this kind of faux marble top? 2. In the picture with two samples you can see 1 which is what I selected, and 2 which is what ID proposed. It looks to me like what I got was closer to 2. Is it reasonable to expect that what I chose (marked 1) differs from what I got by so much? Really hope to get your opinion. Thanks!
  2. Good day all I have been looking for my dream kitchen tap, which looks like this. A retractable hose for ease of washing. However I was shocked to learn that they cost around $300 even at IKEA where I am used to getting cheap stuff. Is this the normal expected price to pay for something like that? If so, i am curious why is it so expensive. Could anyone advise me where else I might look, and preferably cheaper? I tried searching for a Singapore-based online store but no go. Thanks! RM2735
  3. Hi Enrisa i'm wondering if you were able to find soneone to do this? I have the EXACT same problem. The main difficlty I have replacing them is that the screws that hold them in place seem almost impossible to get access to, so either I'm really stupid or I don't have the right tools. Thanks!
  4. Good day all I'm wondering if anyone has experiences regarding digital or biometric locks for the main door of the house. My considerations/ concerns are: 1. Quick access - rather than fiddling with keys, it would be a lot faster 2. It would only work for the door, but not the outer grill, right? That means I'd still need to rely on the key for the outer grill 3. How safe is it? Say if there is a power outage, does the door open automatically letting anyone in? 4. Is it reliable? Has anyone encountered when their combination code or biometric scan didn't work? 5. What are the good brands to look for and the rough cost? At this stage I really like fingerprint scan or card swipe as I believe it would be the fastest entry. However fears of someone cutting off my thumb to use prompts me to consider numeric keypad more seriously. Any advice appreciated!
  5. Dear all After a very tumultous period of my life I'm getting back into the game. But long years away has made me really rusty and ignorant, my situation means I have very little money to start off with, and I'm hoping for some advice. 1. About eight years ago, I was investing in US stocks through an overseas broker (Ameritrade). Because of personal reasons I had to stop. I've been thinking about going back to it. Would signing up with an American online broker still be the way to go to invest in US stocks, considering that local branches (even Ameritrade I believe) charge pretty crooked fees per trade (and provided I don't really care about dividend stocks so the tax won't matter)? I can still sign a foreign withholding form and not be charged for capital gains, right? 2. I've been advised by my friends to think locally as in invest in Singapore, since this is where I am. The reason I preferred US stocks is because of the wealth of information I could find easily. So many stocks that are household names and for which I am familiar with the businesses. And most importantly, centrally available information portals to access almost every stock I wanted. I know nothing about Singapore stocks. Could anyone advise me on where I might begin learning about it? My favoured approach is to learn about the overall economy first (which would also I think help me with deciding on what to do with my STI ETF), then about sectors and their general situations, etc. Could you advise me on information portals I might access this information? My plan is to have a better understanding of economy --> sectors to consider --> choose individual companies. Or should I just go back to what I know I can get up to speed quickly on, i.e. US shares? 3. For those who invest in both markets, is there any glaring differences I need to be aware of, considering that my education in stocks comes from US books, websites, etc? E.g. any difference in balance sheet interpretation? Background info that may help: My divorce pretty much wiped me out, so I'm starting all over. I have $11k ready cash, can raise another $10-15k in two to three months, and have a couple STI ETF lots. Nothing much, I know, but I would be so grateful for your advice, because the most important thing is to not look back, and get started on action. My risk tolerance is pretty high, but I do want to get my feet wet safely first, since I'm also working on my business which is taking up time and capital. Best regards and thanks in advance, RM2735
  6. Good day all, I recently bought a mattress and wanted to get some linen for it. Unfortunately, sets were either too expensive, too ugly, or both. I understand that a standard set for King would be in the region of $150-200. Is that right? Given that amount of money, I'd like to choose something simple, classy, such as you find in hotel rooms. What I see are gaudy designs and crazy colour schemes as if the designer was drunk when he planned it, and the approving authority on crack when they approved if for mass production. Does anyone have any suggestions were else I might try? I know about Aussino of course. Thanks in advance!
  7. This probably won't help you now, but one thing I've learnt is that you have to be a bit tough and demanding when it comes to this. A lot of us tend to be very nice, don't want to trouble people, or afraid to offend people. And I think many people take advantage of that. However if you paid for something then you need to assert your rights too. In dealing with lawyers, bankers, contractors, and yes, sometimes furniture delivery, I realise that even though you are normally a decent person, some will take your courtesy and consideration not as something to be grateful for, but a sign of inferiority and something to take advantage of. In your case, something very old, nail protruding out etc would have been clear cut cases for rejection. I also tell people ahead of time that I intend to post my experience with them, on my blog or on this forum or similar fora. That usually helps. Just make sure you do follow through on this! Send them a courtesy link :-)
  8. You won't be able to buy it off the shelf, so to speak. This is custom made. I can share with you the process I went through. The maker will take measurements of the available space, and then discuss with you your needs. For example, do you want glass sides or wood, how many shelves, mirror backing or laminate or PVC. The shelves are usually made of glass. Lighting wise for me was just top lighting because I couldn't afford individual LEDs. There are other features too, for example whether you want humidity controlled, air tight seal etc. Then you choose the laminate and it's usually two weeks from there. Hardest for me as I love wood grain of all variety. My cost for a cabinet half the width of the one in your picture is $2500, wood sides and not glass, which would have been more expensive. I think that would be a rough estimate to price. Good luck, and if you set yours up, send a pic! I love display cabinets, though I can't afford all the ones I want.
  9. Wow so easy? Great, thanks! I was getting used to the sense that everything about this move was difficult; nice to know some things can be easily solved!
  10. Good day all, I recently fell in love with the Legrand light switch/ socket plates. Unfortunately, that's only the plates. It looks nice and concealed where my new place has a false wall, where it can be fitted flush, but on the other areas there is that ugly white socket box. I spoke to a contractor who advised that what I could do was to go to a place called Johnson (sp?) with the Legrand front plates I have, where they apparently can scan and then reproduce spray paint in a close colour to match. Does anyone know in more detail what he is talking about, and has anyone tried this? Barring that, would appreciate if anyone else has had a similar predicament. How did you paint yours? Thanks in advance!
  11. Good day all I had a major disappointment today. The Mitsubishi black pearl fridge I ordered couldn't fit in the doorway. The delivery person told me it was very common that the store sales person always neglects to tell buyers they need to measure the door width. They gave me a few options. One was they could try to force it in, but there would definitely be scratches. The other was they could remove the fridge door, but in refitting it after the fridge was in, it would definitely not seal as well as done in the factory. The third was to change a fridge I'm wondering if anyone has had similar problems before? What options did you consider, and what did you choose? I really don't want to get a small fridge. Thanks!
  12. Hi Rummi, Thanks for your reply. Do you have pictures I could have a look at to visualize what you mean? Who did you get to do to the work for you? Cheers!
  13. Good day to all and especially pet lovers! I'm now nearing the final decision for little bits of reno here and there, and one thing I need to get sorted is some sort of safety screen for my windows to keep my cat safe. I used Magnetic screen in my old home, and had an assessment for new place. Unfortunately I found it a bit pricey compared than a few years ago, and the sales person refused to negotiate at all on the price, saying it was already very good price (which I find a little odd, as I'm in sales myself and know that's not quite accurate) I've looked at invisible grille solutions, but given that the distance between bars need to be so close that it kinda defeats the purpose of 'invisibility', it would really not be the solution. I know about doing wire meshing myself, however I'd like something a bit more aesthetic. Could someone please offer me some alternatives to investigate? Thanks and best regards! RM2735
  14. Not yet as I won't have it delivered until October. But reading these forums one thing I know for sure... ORDER the delivery people NOT to switch on the fridge without your permission until you have inspected fully the fridge. This series of fridge has as a selling point a more 'designer' look so aesthetics are obviously important. Scratches, dents, etc. Which colour is yours? At Courts they have graphite grey, pearl black and I think white. White was on offer.
  15. I just bought this fridge. Beautiful pearl black model. Surprisingly Mitsubishi's webs site is pretty useless. They don't even have a photo of the interior of the fridge, or any pdf manuals. Anyone have any idea where I might be able to get one?